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            Wednesday, January 23, 2013

                      —   you douche bags

Mr. Morrissey’s legal troubles don’t end with losing a few state owned semi automatic weapons.
Anti Gun Democrat in VA Lost 2 Weapons Owned by State, Law License Revoked, Held in Contempt Multiple Times

Res Ipsa Loquitor

I believe this speaks for itself.  Thanks to skoonj for the tip. This post took so long (2 hrs) to develop because Paint Shop Pro X-5 is such a piece of crap that Corel won't even establish a user forum for it.  The only way to contact Corel is to clear your desk for a full day, and even then I doubt you'll successfully contact them  Corel is the second worst vendor I've ever dealt with; I forget who was first.  Joe Morrisey on the other hand is tied with several thousand other elected Democrats for the title 'Biggest Gun Douche Bag Extant!" Thank you.

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            Joe Morrisey-Staggeringly Stupid Posted by Rodger the Real King of France | 1/23/2013 09:06:00 AM | PERMALINK Back Link (5) | Send This Post | HOME


Writing in Righteous Indignation, Breitbart noted that, “the left doesn’t win its battles in debate. It doesn’t have to. In the 21st century, media is everything. The left wins because it controls the narrative. The narrative is controlled by the media. The left is the media and narrative is everything.”
Thanks for the warning, I was thinking of upgrading. Now I think I'll stick with PSP-X2 for a while longer.
Try The GIMP. It's free.

(No, no, not that GIMP. The Gbu Image Manipulation Program!)
Gnu. That's "Gnu".
Gnu's not Unix. That's "Gnu's not Unix".

Was going for a meta-recursion, didn't quite make it.
Another example where it should be illegal for Democrats to possess firearms.
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