Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Cityl Traditions


My EYES- Noooooooo


Anonymous said...

Scout leaders.

Anonymous said...

The pics seem swapped.

Anonymous said...

No, they're not swapped. I'd rather get caught looking at the Balitmore MILF trhan the San Fran...whatever you want to call them :-p

gadfly said...

Do you suppose that the young lady with the perfectly rounded globes uses deer antler spray?

DougM said...

Prob'ly does a lot of stag parties, though.

george said...

If I invested that kind of money in my body parts, that were probably never used for the purpose they were designed, I would have to show them off to get my moneys worth.
TW: 53 gyclini (she probably visits there also)

Anonymous said...

Whatever those tits cost, they're worth it. I want to know who the doc was.


Matthew W said...

Which is worse, plastic boobies or men kissing????

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