Monday, February 11, 2013

Pope Resigns!

Pope Benedict Resigning!
Obama Sends Sec/State Kerry to Rome
Pushes for Muslum Pope
Diversity, Penance for Holy Wars against Islam

Res Ipsa Loquitor
OBAMA: GiveUs Pope Lucifer I


I-RIGHT-I said...

I'm voting for the Black guy.

Anonymous said...

Gott segne lieber Josef (BXVI).

bocopro said...

Rodentus Criminalis Persiaticus. A semi-upright quadropedal prehominid which survives on massive doses of fanaticism, phantasm, and cultural regression. More commonly known as Rat Bastard, this species serves no positive purpose in the scheme of civilized life on planet earth. It is parasitical, irrational, genocidal, and ineffectual in terms of human social development.

For the good of mankind, Rodentus Criminalis Persiaticus should be eliminated with severe prejudice, reduced to ashes, and scattered over Jimmy Carter.

Bob Kring said...

BOCOPRO, you should get some kind of a citation for that.....superb post !!

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