Friday, April 19, 2013

Penetrating Oil

Handy Stuff

Res Ipsa Loquitor

And now--- something we can print and tape to the inside of our medicine cabinet doors……. (when Mom passed away (2008) she had clippings
from the mid 1940s squirreled away – Bless her heart!)
Sure do beat some of the current articles we see coming out of the Lame Steam Media…… 

Via a friend of Ron Metzger


Anonymous said...

My dad was a mechanic for 35+ years. For about the last 15 years of his career his penetrating oil was "Thrust" made by Castle. I swear by the stuff too. You can buy it off the inertoobs.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

Thrust huh. Neat.

george said...

I've been told and used diesel, no scientific data on torque reduction but we do add it to drilling mud sometime while drilling oil wells to reduce torque.

Anonymous said...

I can personally atest to Kroil. While it is on the expensive side, the stuff is absolutely amazing. I've sprayed it on rust encrusted pipe, let it sit for five minutes and unscrewed the entire pipe with a wrench, with everything intact.


Anonymous said...

Geo - based solely on the smell of Thrust and Kroil, I 'spect they have a lot of the same chemical makeup.


Anonymous said...

40 years spinning wrenches...Tri-Flow can't be beat.

Ralph Gizzip said...

Looks like I need to mix up a batch of ATF and acetone. Good luck finding a spray bottle that'll handle it though.

Darrell said...

Kroil rocks, it does. I've heard good things about the ATF & acetone, but the acetone will flash off rather quickly unless you can keep it sealed.

Helly said...

Isn't ATF toxic?

I like the scent of Liquid Wrench and it always seems to work. And it's right there with the little straw ready to go.

After a year in the trunk with all this salt air, I'm soaking my SURGE in it right now.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, can't wait to try ATF. Rebuilding my 73 Bronco now. I'm in rusty bolt hell.-Anymouse

Anonymous said...

Tri-Flow can only be beat by Zep 45. Great stuff.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if used ATF would work.
I have gallons of Mercon & Dexron that was headed for the recycler when I got off my butt.

Has anyone tried heat, and then applying candle wax which is supposed to melt and get drawn by capillary action into the rusted threads?


mostly cajun said...

Even better, punch "Ed's Red" into your favorite search engine. (Or check the link on my blog's sidebar)

You'll find that Ed's Red has ATF and acetone as two of its ingredients, along with kerosene, mineral spirits and optionally, lanolin. It's a great formula that not only has the penetrant characteristics to which you allude, but is also a great bore cleaner and gun oil.

Forty bucks should make you a gallon of it, enough to do a lot of boore-cleaning, gun-oiling, and bolt-freeing for you and your friends.


drew458 said...

While I love Kroil, it stinks to high heaven. TSI-301 penetrating lubricant and rust preventer works as good or better, and smells lemon fresh. Was it part of this test?

But for getting lead out of gun barrels, Kroil can not be beat. Flood it in, swab it around, plug the breach and muzzle with paper towels, and come back in a day or two. Every last bit of lead fouling will come right out.

Anonymous said...

Gave this list to The Mister.

He said nothing beats heat [where ya can use it.] Just heat up the nut/outer threads with your handy-dandy hand torch and *z00m* off like a prom dress!


Firehand said...

I've used ATF and mineral spirits mixed 50/50; seems to work pretty well.

The ATF/acetone mix tends to separate, be sure to shake it well before using; the ATF/ms mix doesn't separate.

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