Thursday, August 22, 2013

Paul Weston : I am a racist

Oh My

cussin' cuzzin ricky


Rodger the Real King of France said...

CLAP CALP CLAP - Will be posted in the Defining Articles section below.

iri said...

Too bad he doesn't have any gun owners to back all that up.

Juice said...

Truth should always be spoken so succinctly.

Emil Nytraht said...

Guess that includes me.... I'm guilty.
"Only a nations of complete idiots would allow the bearers of destruction into their midst."

Anonymous said...

Like Messicans?


Emil Nytraht said...

Not necessarily.... I'm not against immigration. What I AM against is invaders, whether legal or not who WONT, or wont even try to assimilate. In the case of Islam, their religion(?) is so alien that becoming American, in the truest sense, is totally out of the question.
I don't believe that's true of Mexicans, but I want all immigrants to follow the laws and to be legal residents.

iri said...

I'm against all immigrants from third world shit holes especially those that wipe their ass then throw the paper in the trash can. I guess I'm mostly against Mexicans then.

Emil Nytraht said...

Hang in there iri... in short order "third world shit holes" will include most of the planet. There are already certain areas of our major cities included in that category.

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