Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gee, Michelle felt the same way

                                                          Provoking Racial Unrest
Navy Yard shooter not happy with America

There was also a growing sense of entitlement and disrespect, she said. "He did have the tendency to feel like people owed him something all the time."

He got annoyed when she couldn't give him rides, and he started eating the couple's food without permission, and ignoring her when she complained, she said.

“I knew he was not happy with America and he felt slighted as a veteran and he was ready to move out of the country," she said.

"It was a particular brand of arrogance, an obtuseness in otherwise sane people that brought forth our bitter laughter. It was as if whites didn't know they were being cruel in the first place. Or at least thought you deserved of their scorn.”

― Barack Obama, Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance

Tommy Lee Smith


Anonymous said...

Ah, the bitch made him do it.


Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Were the above comments all about Barky? Or was there someone else with the same complaint?
The book quote should have been a warning flag with sparklers and rockets and flashing lights to anyone considering the 'author'{ha ... too lazy to do the work} for higher office.
I said it before, and will repeat:
The Democratic Party did not do its job vetting this jerk. They wanted the power to enact their dream legislation at the cost of their soul. Given they ever had one. I sit gently shaking my head side to side as I type thinking that they have forgotten the US is not guaranteed, must be taken care of or it will turn into what the other countries of the world are.
Taken for granted it will be no longer. As several have said, the "design margin" has been eaten up by the arrogance of those who think if they pass a bill, the laws of science can be repealed. Just write it into a bill, and poof, we have cars that get 100mpg! Aren't we neat?!?
No, you are too dumb to realize you cannot legislate things into being. But that's how 'lead from behind' and all the rest are supposed to work. Phooey is the lightest comment I can make.

USMC2841 said...

Looking at the limited number of released pictures of his victims, this will drop off the mainstream media radar in a hurry. They can't continue to drag Zimmerman around with this guy getting all of the copy. Doesn't fit the narrative.

DougM said...

If Obama had a son …

Emil Nytraht said...

You really can't blame this guy for hating America...
He must have totally lost all respect for a country who, no matter how much he fucked up, they continually bent over backward to kiss his stinking ass, and to do all they could to push his useless ass upward.
Call me racist, but any white guy with this fellow's record would be re smoking his cigarette butts and sweating the line down at the mission.

TimO said...

One thing no one in the media has questioned yet: How did an unemployed/restaurant delivery guy afford to go to Thailand several times in the past year (I can't even afford to take a local vacation) and what was he doing there (jihadi classes or just sampling the local young things??)

Bet there is a lot more to be uncovered....

iri said...

"....with this fellow's record..."

It's called the soft racism of low expectations and runs rampant throughout every nook and cranny in America. First you lose your job or opportunity to somebody like that then you lose your life. It happens all the time.

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