Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Maybe Google can destroy all record of Obama?

                            Nanny State: One regulation away from total bliss         
The Police State               

Tools For Evading Government Control   
No, not anti-drone lasers. Sigh.       

With the Internet playing an ever-greater role in disseminating information and connecting political opponents of authoritarian regimes, governments with a taste for deterring the same are stepping up surveillance, efforts to control access to inconvenient facts and opinions, and attacks on the Web presence of the opposition. As we all know, even officials in the land of the free have a taste for online snoopiness. So what an appropriate moment for Internet giant Google to step forward with new tools intended to help online users escape surveillance and control, and to deliver their messages even when under cyberattack by the authorities.  [Full]

Thyssen’s legacy remains equivocal. An early supporter of Hitler, the industrialist was also one of the first to break with the party. It would be another four years before other high-ranking Nazis became disillusioned with Hitler’s suicidal military blunders and tried to kill him with a bomb in July 1944.
Like many of you, I have fretted over Google's access to too much stuff.  Like every G-mail ever sent; every word ever posted on the Interwebs; every public record and every secret that even governments don't want revealed.  On top of that, Google have noticeably close associations with Liberals and Democrats. Sites like DAILY KOS have been able to game the way Google searches display answers, and only after public furors are things (nominally) changed.  This is a big deal when Joe Sixpack Googled "Sarah Palin" in 2008,  and got a first page of anti-Palin links.

Anyway, my first thought on reading Google LaunchesTools For Evading Government Control  was, "Maybe Larry Page and Sergey Brin will play
Fritz Thyssen to America's Democrat Party. 


iri said...

Google is not your friend. If anything the new product will be used to gather more information and connect more dots useful to our Masters. B-52 them out of existence now while it's still possible.

renojim said...

iri's spot on. Best way to get some anonymity online is with Tor -

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I'm looking at the possibility that Google, like certain German industrialists who financed Hitler, only to turn on him when they came to grips with who he was, will see the light and use their power and influence for the good guys.

And on a personal note, when I published C&S from my own server (Terpsboy) I was hit with a DNS a couple of times. How sweet if I could have immediately traced the originator location. I swear, I'd have flown anywhere and done things. Or paid someone.

Anonymous said...

You know that if you click on the link labeled: "Google LaunchesTools For Evading Government Control " they will record every keystroke, you IP, your mothers maiden name, the name of your first pet, first car, high school, fathers middle name, etc.

It's a trick, I tell you!

I don't think Sergei & Brin are 'being nice' any more. They sold out like Ben & Jerry. {not that I agree with their politics nor business practices..}


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