Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Grandson#2

La la la la la .....

Techno Kids

Yesterday morning I watched grandson for a few hours.  We're sitting there on the couch and he leaves, then comes running back with his iPad?  Horry Clap.  The kid has an iPad.  But wait!  I know that cover; that's my iPad (that his mom and dad gave me).  He went into the den, unplugged it,  brought it back, booted it up, and in a flash had  fingers rolling through a screen of Micky Mouse cartoons.  What the Hell?  I don't have any Micky Mouse cartoons bookmarked, so how did he do it?  He's only two, so he didn't type in a search.  I filmed it.

When his dad came to pick him up I told him, and he couldn't find it either.  It turned out that when they were here on Sunday,  his mom had used the You Tube icon (that I didn't know was there) and brought up Mickey.  So the next day he just went to You Tube and had at it.  Sheesh.


Juice said...

I'm tell'n ya, they are smarter than us.

Merrily said...

What Juice said.
He's a stinkin' cutie pie.

iri said...

Mickey Mouse rocks! The kid has good taste. I'd find a way to steam that to the big screen for the little guy.

iri said...

...or stream it, whatever works best.

Chris in NC said...

At 3 years old, my nephew could change the windows VGA video settings for his game. When you aren't afraid of it, you can learn it much easier. These kids grow up around PC's and such so they don't fear breaking it or wrecking it. Many older people (like the one's I train at work) are afraid of the PC's and couldn't do you that boy or my nephew did if their lives depended on it.

pdwalker said...

It's not just that.

Apple, with their iDevices, really have made something tremendously intitutive for people to use.

Last year, I watched an 18 month old child pick up an iphone for the first time and started playing a game, without any help.

That's just amazing. Interfaces are hard to get right and Apple has done more right than wrong with their iInterface.

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