Saturday, November 02, 2013

Ann Coulter Agonistes

In written history, let the term linchpin,
that allowed Obama to bring
the United States
to it's knees, be on Al Franken's head.

"Al Franken's Senate seat is another one that should be on Republicans' radar. He stole the 2008 election in Minnesota, going from a thousand votes down the day after the election to 300 votes up a few months later, after vast numbers of Franken votes kept being discovered in heavily Democratic districts. As economist John Lott pointed out at the time, the magically appearing votes for Franken were a statistical impossibility.

Obamacare could not have passed without the Democrats' prodigious vote theft in Franken's 2008 election."-Ann Coulter

Ann continues that thought with this churlishness, however

" But if the Republican candidate had won, some conservatives would now be trying to take out moderate Republican Norm Coleman for being a "RINO." The far-left Democrat won, so conservatives can't be bothered to find someone to beat him."

In fact, the point of her article is a condemnation of teaparty "purists."   Ann, it seems, has found room for accommodation in her own principles.  She wrote an entire book exposing the wrong done to the left's official bogyman, Sen. Joe McCarthy,  but then labeled, as "birthers," those of us who,  properly still,  demand to know why the President keeps issuing counterfeit birth certificates?  Would I be churlish to note that this change in Ann seems to have occurred simultaneous with  the emergence of Sarah Palin as spokesman for conservatives?   Sarah, who dissed the likes of Chris Christie, even as Ann was calling him her dream President?  As for me,  I still acknowledge Ann's ability for brilliant insight, and delicious rhetoric,  but I wonder if she still believes that there's no right way to do the  wrong thing?  She did, once.


Anonymous said...

It has always seemed odd to me, as in Sling Blade odd, that the same buncha mooks who condemned Ronald Reagan for being an actor, think Franken should be a politician.

There's an old joke about a conductor and his piccolo player that fits Franken very well indeed.

Sir H the Comet

drew458 said...

Put me in charge of the country and the very first thing I will do is purify and perfect the election process.

The first step after connecting half a dozen or so of the already existing federal databases that can be used to prove your citizenship and right to vote, is to wipe the slate clean: every citizen has to re-register, in person. And no registrations will be allowed within 90 days of an election. So get it done early, or miss out this time around.

Step two is to make improper voting, false registration, or poll worker shenanigans a major felony. Do your civic duty, we love that. Play the system, 10 years in jail. If even one ballot "mysteriously" appears after the official gathering, that ballot is not counted and the delivery person is immediately arrested. If the results from one polling station are lost, the votes for the entire district are void maybe.

Step three is to make it a point of sacred honor that your town, county, state has accurate and honest rolls. For which we pay the town clerks double their old salary, but send them to jail if even one fake or illegal voter gets on the rolls once they have been purged.

And while Election Day will probably become "Vote Counting Day", the polls are open for weeks ahead of it, but mail-ins and absentee ballots will pretty much go away. Show up to vote, prove that you are you, and vote in person. That's it. County clerks go around to the old folk's homes and the actually disabled to get their votes ahead of time, and the military gets their ballots weeks early too.

In some ways voting is our greatest freedom, so messing with elections ought to carry the worst punishments.

cmblake6 said...

Love it, Drew. Absolutely spot on!

iri said...

Put me in charge of the country and the very first thing I will do is purify and perfect the voters... and it won't be pretty.

Anonymous said...

Well done Drew.
Add one more rule:
Campaign contributions may come only from those eligible to vote in that election; IOW, only from registered voters in the jurisdiction being contested. No limits, but all names are published, with a draconian penalty to the candidate who accepts such and the person contributing, as in your list above for any monies snuck in from elsewhere.
Here in Virginia, our great Atty Gen'l, Ken Cuccinelli has raised about $11 million total for his gubernatorial campaign, while his sleazeball Clintonista opponent Skerry McAuliffe has received $5 million just from two of many, many out of state donors, $2 million from Mike Bloomberg and $3 million from an anti-coal billionaire greenie wacko from Kalifornia. And I don't wanna hear it would be inhibiting political speech, because the ultimate political speech is voting, and neither one of those statist scumbag billionaires can vote in Virginia.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

Lt Col:
If I lived in the Old Dominion, I would be working to have a 'down low', under the radar, get out the GOP vote campaign.
McAwful is a crook. Period. Look who he hangs out with, and gathered contributions for - WJC HRC. Both of whom actually are felons, un-convicted, but felons. No unindicted co-conspirators. They just haven't had their day in court.
McA sold his stock before it tanked, and left a lot of his employeed holding worthless certificates. He will bow down to Teh Won, and VA will be the loser.
Get that underground campaign going, but don't let on...

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the railroading of Ted Stevens prior to the 2008 election. Then majically, a few months later, conviction reversed! Oh, but then he died in a plane crash.


Cheesy said...

I still blame Jeri Ryan.
Apparently the deal she made with Satan didn't include her keeping her looks.

Jason in KT said...

Too complicated, Drew and Dick. If you want to vote, show your deed to property. Not your mortgage, your deed. I don't care how much money you sink into campaign advertising (an abridgement of free speech), how recently you got into the country, or whether you committed a crime in your past.

Being able to pay off, if purchased, or hold onto, if inherited, a piece of land is proof enough to me of having the qualities necessary to choose a representative.

If you want to have a voice in the stewardship of our country, show me you can do it in your own life, first.

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