Saturday, November 02, 2013

George Orwell and MSNBC


Meet The MSNBC All-Stars

George Orwell had a complicated political make-up, which included a commitment to democratic socialism, and aversion to totalitarian government (but fought for the communists in the Spanish civil war).  He learned from the experience,  and developed a nonpareil  understanding of today's Democrats, as portrayed in his great novel— Animal FarmThis quote then, about journalism, accurately describes what's going on with today's media, and why Fox News is bitterly attacked by even Obama himself.  Conclusions are easy.  Add Orwell to the list of Thomas Jefferson, and other notables who Liberal democrats hate for their outspoken understanding of them. 


Wabano said...

His elephant shooting was a piece of work...He was a communist at the time,
and there he was, a Sahib in charge of fulfilling the white man's destiny...
Lucky he was not turned into a brown spot on the ground, to the general hilarity.
And there went the British Empah...

Anonymous said...

I thought Thos Jefferson was a Dem hero. What did I miss? Only thing I heard was the TJ may have a few descendants who are of mixed blood. Was that enough to throw him under the bus?

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