Monday, March 11, 2013


Oh My

More Bread Please



My last bread post (Deli Rye)  drew a comment (Juice) "Bread machine! yes."

So I'm thinking, what if I take that New York Deli Rye recipe—after the first one hour rise—and then dump it into the bread machine?  I used  French/Italian bread setting; large loaf, medium crust.   What the hell, worst thing, I've lost about 75¢.  But you can see what I got.  

  The nice thing about the bread machine (I have a recon'd Cuisinart 200) is its ease of use.  Throw the ingredients in, press the button and that's it.   The problem I've had with certain breads (rye and whole wheat) is they suck (in fact, don't even try whole wheat until you've watched this)

Anyway, the loaf sizes (using Cuisinart's recipe) are smaller than I'd  suppose them to be, and the interior is not soft and bouncy. But!  In the example below, where I use my own recipe,  the bread has risen about 3" above the top of the pan, giving it a nice circumcised appearance.

Res Ipsa Loquitor

By contrast,  the rye I was gloating over last week weighed 1 lb 13.25 oz., but had  only about 75% of the volume of the bread machine's loaf.  It was then a bit denser than I'd like.  Truth be told, MoSup was digging me about the girth of my loaf (Oh, isn't that a cute size? Almost like real bread.). This one weighs 1 pound 14 ounces,  but feels lighter. 
So there you have it.  From now on I'll use my own recipes, but let Mr. Machine do all the kneading, rising and baking. 

One more thing I like about this bread.  After a few days it starts turning green, My store bread will go 10 days to a week. What's that tell you?

Eat your heart out Helly!  I see a Nobel in the offing. And I've been using a torch in the kitchen for over ten years.  A proper torch that can also solder pipes.

I'm tired of this crap

Oh My

t smith

1948 Plymouth Convertable

The '48 Plymouth Curse - He's shipping back to Pork Chop Hill tomorrow

tom smith

Pardon the intrusion

Oh My

The Goofy Sungs

Move your pieces back to Pork Chop Hill

Res Ipsa Loquitor

Like the Kennedy's, the il-sung family's DNA gets watered down with each use. Kim IL Sung was garden variety psychopath; his son Kim Jong IL (known, and ridiculed as Goofy-Gook*) maintained the family pathology and added insanity. And now his son Kim Jong-un seems to have cracked wide open.  By  declaring the  1953 armistice invalid, he has (like it or not) taken us back to April 16, 1953: Communists attack "Pork Chop Hill"

China say it's fed up with this guy, but don't believe it.  It's in Red China's interest to keep us embroiled— using resources we'll  need when time comes to fight that yellow horde.  Except we won't, will we.  We don't have the stomach for it, and Obama's spent all our money paying slavery reparations.

*South Koreans are South Koreans, North Koreans are gooks because we're at war with them.  Ditto yellow horde.


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The Original Manchurian Candidate

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