Tuesday, April 02, 2013


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Res Ipsa Loquitor

This is interesting.  I was doing a "Resume Play" on NetFlix (via ROKU) when this message popped up

"Under the terms of your agreement you have exceeded your allowed usage.  Please go to the ROKU menu and try again later."

It quickly disappeared and  I re-clicked TOP GEAR, but it sent me to episode #1, and not #132 which I had been viewing (recently added 2012 TOP GEAR episodes).   The fact that this message was even prepared  indicates that ROKU (or NetFlix?) are preparing to begin charging for view after a a certain monthly threshold is reached. Maybe they were testing a new, yet to be announced system,  and this was prematurely triggered.  If they begin charging I'm gone; there are other options. Anyone else had this experience? 

Texas Gold

The Yellow Gold of Texas

Res Ipsa Loquitor

“The eyes of Texas are upon you” goes the song, but right now those eyes seem to be squarely focused on the financial crisis in Cyprus.

“We don’t want just the certificates. We want our gold. And if you’re the state of Texas, you should be able to get your gold,” said Capriglione.

However, he concedes transporting $1 billion worth of gold bars would be impractical, so he suggests selling the gold and repurchasing it in Texas.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry is supporting a bill that would return the state’s $1 billion in gold reserves currently stored by the Federal Reserve at a vault in New York to the state.

Capriglione said his bill is, “not about putting Texas on its own gold standard, [but instead will] give the state a reputation as being more financially secure in the event of a national or international financial crisis.”

“If we own it,” Perry told Glenn Beck last week, “I will suggest to you that that’s not someone else’s determination whether we can take possession of it back or not.”

First off, I had no idea that states, at least Texas, have their own gold bullion stash.  Second is the question of whether the actual physical gold still there?  Former Rep. Ron Paul (R TX) tried to get Fort Knox audited, and failed.  Think about that.  A senior U.S. congressman could not get past the Feds to see if our stuff is still there! 

Next; the Obamas have Texas and Rick Perry on their short list of people to destroy, now more than ever since Texas reuses "to cave to Obamacare’s call for states to accept Medicaid expansions. "

Finally, as aside, the killing of two prosecutors, in two months, including a district attorney and his wife  gunned down in their home bears watching.  The media have focused on "white supremacists," which is their go-to culprit in any shooting.  .If the prosecutors were from Austin, nobody would care, but this whole thing feels hinky to me.  I'm just saying. 


FYI - Oh My
It says "NEW", but it's a refurb
but, still ...

If it's worth doing ...

Another example of us losing our national pride.  How much harder would it have been to do the job right?

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