Thursday, May 23, 2013


Norman Rockwell Reconsidered


Oh My

It's Not About the Nail from Jason Headley on Vimeo.

Ron Have you Metzger sister.

Let Me AK a Question

Tails of the Gun  

I Built This AK-47. It's Legal and Totally Untraceable.
Forget 3-D printed guns. Inside a "build party" where anyone can make a rifle that no cop will ever know about.

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Had this appeared 25 years ago (from a source other than the hippie mofo Mother Jones),  I'd have recognized the need for concern.  Today?  Where every gang in California have their own automatic weapons and go around gang banging at will?  Where even the police won't enter the Michigan city of Dearbornistan?  Puh-leeze. 

Mother Jones's  purpose here of course (it appears in their 'Politics' pages) is meant to bolster the Schumer/Feinstein/Obamunist gun-nut lobby working feverishly disarm America.

My thinking today is a lot different than pre-Clinton-Obama.  Today we're where the founders warned when discussing  "tips for keeping your country free."  About governments' penchant for turning despotic.  About the almost certain necessity of using arms to dispose a  gangster government. 

I want to pass on with a real hope that this nation will last at least as long as the Roman Empire before giving way and allowing the Diocletians, Caligulas, and Neros take us to where "The flocke goeth to wrecke and vtterly perisheth."

 If I didn't have over 600 automatic weapons, not to mention rocket launchers, in the Barn, I'd be jumping all over this. There will be laws passed to shut all this down likety-split.  

Am I anti-government?  No, I'm anti this government.  


                                                                               Euro Trash
Home again jiggety-jig

MoSup & traveling companion Sister Antoinette  returned from their 2 week blitz tour of Europe last night.  I axed her what her favorite TV show was over there.  Ahem. 

And this I am not making up.  After a grueling 8 hour trip on a sold-out American Airline  plane, flying scum class, I asked if they were hungry? "Yes."  Guess what they both wanted?  That's right.  "Nothing in Italy this good"

Smut video via Tommy Lee Smith


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