Monday, May 27, 2013

Liberals and the destruction of a fine culture

When Liberals are in charge                                               


After its historic vote to grant membership to openly gay youth, leaders of Boy Scouts of America are anxious to “move forward” as a unified Scouting family, even as an unknown number of chartering organizations, councils, troops and members reassess their participation in the iconic institution.

The new membership policy — approved by 61 percent of nearly 1,300 voting members — says that “no youth will be denied membership in the Boy Scouts of America on the basis of sexual orientation or preference alone.”

Boy Scouts will ‘move forward’ after vote on gays

Before the invention of writing, these stories and legends were handed down from generation to generation in the form of rituals and oral traditions. The reappearance of certain themes, time and again, in different mythologies, leads to the realization that these themes portray universal and eternal truths about mankind   ....

Campbell states that modern society lacks the stability it previously derived from being educated in the mythology and legends of the Greek and Roman classics. Campbell and Moyers agree that there is no effective mythology in modern society by which individuals can relate to their role in the world. The Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell
Things may have changed, but when I was a Boy Scout I had to, at twelve years of age, move up to the Explorer Scouts. I didn't want to, so I quit.  The point being that wtff?  Eleven-twelve year-old kids?  We are just getting pubic hair; we have no idea about "sexual preference." We like to see naked girls (and that included all the kids I knew who as adults became hairdressers, ahem).

We are
however highly suggestible. 

When I read about syphilis at age 14, I was absolutely certain that I had it,  based on God only knows?  Toilet seat?  A steamy dream? I went to the movies with my family (Peyton Place) and was afraid  to put my hand in mom's popcorn box when offered for fear of contaminating the family. 

The Boy Scouts capitulated then because the Liberal media infrastructure have portrayed them as hateful, venal MOFOs, for not formlly accepting homosexuality; denied them use of public lands, andtook their property.  Another tradition and ritual then have been destroyed by the same pricks who have all but destroyed this nation's cohesive fabric; our national identity.  What we really need from the BSA is  more of this .


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