Friday, May 31, 2013


Police State Culture                   

DOJ: Social Media Posts Trashing Muslims May Violate Civil Rights

The move comes a few years after the administration became the first in history to dispatch a U.S. Attorney General to personally reassure Muslims that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is dedicated to protecting them. In the unprecedented event, Attorney General Eric Holder assured a San Francisco-based organization (Muslim Advocates) that urges members not to cooperate in federal terrorism investigations that the “us versus them” environment created by the U.S. government, law enforcement agents and fellow citizens is unacceptable and inconsistent with what America is all about.

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Islam is a cancer. 
Eric Holder is a Melanoma.

For the chilluns

                      —   you berks.   

 Boswell  taught that "'For the chilluns' is the last refuge of a scoundrel?"  : I think a case can be made that the free distribution of porn is  indication of a rancid society, but this?  Alas, even if decision makers had the wherewithal to pass Logic 101 it wouldn't matter; laws are passed after checking wind currents. And. no. I am not advocating for child porn, so don't even try.

We Find Bunny Innocent

What I See                                

The set-up; Exhibit A
Res Ipsa Loquitor

Res Ipsa Loquitor
I offer exhibit A as proof that my client Bunny Hoffwitz is a sleep walker, and  when she barged into her ex-boyfriend's apartment, slit his throat and stuffed his severed penis down his new wife's throat after severing her headin her dream state she was shopping for dinner at the Safeway.

Through Thick & Thin

Oh My