Saturday, August 03, 2013

Tea Party v. Bush-McCain Republicans

Tea Party PACs Clean Rove’s Clock

Res Ipsa Loquitor

Earlier this year we brought CHQ readers news of establishment Republican election guru Karl Rove’s plan to take unto himself the decision about which candidates in Republican primaries were “electable” and which were not.

The enforcement mechanism Rove intended use in this effort was to be the millions of dollars in “Super PAC” money ... from the multimillionaire donors who funded his outrageously expensive and largely unsuccessful efforts in the 2012 election cycle.

Except the millions of dollars Rove and company were expected to raise haven’t shown up yet.

What’s more, the two major Tea Party oriented Super PACs – the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund super PAC and the PAC raised more than Rove’s three PACs combined. [Tea Party PACs Clean Rove’s Clock]

As my dad used to say, "Ooh-Ooh Butch!"

Five on the Floor

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Senator Lindsey Graham Is About To Get Maced – Nancy Mace Set To Challenge For Senate Seat

Zimmerman attorney details battle with prosecutors over evidence in murder trial

Mark O'Mara described the struggle he said he went through to get evidence from the prosecution team of Bernie De La Rionda and State Attorney Angela Corey.

He cited the picture of a bloodied Zimmerman, taken the night Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin, as an example.

"It is undeniable that they had a plan in mind, with the 15 months that we had to get ready, of keeping information from us, and I don't say that lightly, I really don't," O'Mara told the group.

A member of Corey's own team was fired and is now suing her office after he testified that prosecutors had kept evidence from O'Mara.

Not So Fast: Congress Is Still in an Obamacare Trap

Lawmakers and staff can breathe easy — their health care tab is not going to soar next year. The Office of Personnel Management, under heavy pressure from Capitol Hill, will issue a ruling that says the government can continue to make a contribution to the health care premiums of members of Congress and their aides, according to several Hill sources. A White House official confirmed the deal and said the proposed regulations will be issued next week. - New York Times
  • Yet a detailed analysis of this issue by Heritage Foundation experts found that the Office of Personnel Management does not have the legal authority to do what the Obama Administration promised Congress last night.
House Votes to Bar I.R.S. Action on Health Law

Under the (curent) law, the I.R.S. will play a key role. It will provide tax credits to low- and moderate-income people to help them buy private insurance. It can impose penalties on people who go without insurance and on larger employers that fail to offer coverage to full-time employees.

Republicans said the tax agency could not be trusted.

A Manchurian by any other name ....

Amen I say to you; if serpents dwell in your house do you not  cast them into a pit and blowtorch them? 

McCain is the greatest disappointment in Republican history......what has he accomplished?
1. He ruined Palin's political potential
2. He ushered in the absolute worse Prez inAmerican history
3. He is the leading proponent in amnesty for Illegals
4. He has given the enemy more comfort than any other Republican in history.
And the list is very much longer......he will never make it through another election after he lied to his constituents concerning Illegas in his state......he has reversed every stand that got him squeaky by last election.

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