Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Comeuppance Man

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Obama bin Laden

A "Come Hither" Award Winner

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What You Don't Know About Syria

Did you miss this? 


What the Media Isn’t Telling You About Syria

It seems likely that the extreme “transparency” surrounding the fugazi in Benghazi is due to the terror attack having resulted from covert operations to arm the Islamist insurgents who have been attempting to take over Syria. A drug deal gone bad would be the domestic equivalent. Ben Swann sheds some light on why it needs to be kept secret:

Quinn and Guns

When Democrats are in charge                                               

Res Ipsa Loquitor
Last month  the Illinois Legislature passed law that "permits anyone with a Firearm Owner's Identification card who has passed a background check and undergone gun-safety training of 16 hours — longest of any state — to obtain a concealed-carry permit for $150"  Amazingly, they had the votes to override (Democrat) Gov. Pat Quinn's veto.  What do Democrats do when they lose a fight with the people?  That's right, they get even.

Governor Quinn (IL) signs new gun law, crime victims hardest hit

Fuzzy Slippers explains on Legal Insurrection:

Actually, this law (Amends the Sex Offender Registration Act.) wasn’t intended to punish crime victims, that’s the result of an ideology that demonizes legal gun owners–even to the point that they are considered more dangerous than violent sexual predators with known criminal records:

"On Sunday, Governor Pat Quinn signed Illinois House Bill 1189, a law that will, among other things, impose requirements–on pain of criminal charges–on victims of crime. If your gun is stolen, and you fail to promptly notify the police, you are now the criminal.

Oh, by the way–confused by the initial description on the Illinois General Assembly website–that the bill “amends the Sex Offender Registration Act”? That’s what the bill would have done, before being amended to reflect Chicago-area Democrats’ view that gun owning crime victims pose a greater danger to the public than sex offenders do. (source)"

The good news is that Public Policy Polling, perhaps the only Dem pollers with a modicum of respectability, report that Quinn is " the most unpopular governor the firm has polled anywhere in the nation.  Queue the next crooked Gov. . 

Little Dog, Big Bark

Tails of the Gun

" . Sent from my iPhone

Me: 50 cal?

"smibsid" 243 , The neighbors thought a plane had crashed ; )

Me:  .243?!?  What- 300g?
> I know - he was shooting at a block of c-4, right?

"smibsid" .Just a reactive target , that you can purchase at any gunshop . I was 
shocked myself ! You should see the freaking mess I've got to clean 
up ; )

A Stupid Quiz

Gary Larsen

I got 74%  They cheated.  They asked questions I didn't know the answers to, but many of my guesses have diplomas.  How did you do Rodge?


Res Ipsa Loquitor
Oh yeah!  Well whose record for nine shutouts pitched in a single season did Ron Guidry tie in 1978?[Ans] And whose record of World Series consecutive scoreless inning streak pitched of 29⅔ innings did Whitey Ford break in 1961? [Ans] And what was the name of Robert E. Lee's horse? Ans

Now, who's the better person?  Ladies. who would you rather be marooned on a deserted Island with?  Me or someone who scored 100?

you bitches


Turds in the Sunlight
former US Attorney Jim Letten

Raja,  I figured you would like this one.  James O’Keefe is laid back, allowing another jackass to simply be himself.


Tyrany can only gain a foothold through people like Letten.

People like McCain

people like john kerry                       

  McCain and Flake to Hold Another ‘Staged’ Town Hall Farce Today

Res Ipsa Loquitor

  The last time McCain held a “town hall” in Tucson it was kept top secret, and staged with only amnesty supporters allowed in.

This subterfuge was quickly exposed and McCain exposed and shamed for it. But John McCain has no shame, and no honor, and so he is doing it yet again – this time with instant sell-out and McCain lapdog Sen. Jeff Flake (R).

Tomorrow in Mesa, AZ McCain and Flake will hold a “Conversation on Immigration” at the Mesa Arts Centers Piper Theater. And once again it is a CLOSED event, and “tickets are not available to the public”. Instead, they “invite concerned citizens to Twitter questions in advance” and say they may be used during the mid-morning event.

Yeah, sure they will. A one-way “conversation”.

The coward McCain won’t let the public because that public overwhelmingly opposes his amnesty position, and showed this when they reamed him in a town hall back in February - McCain was relentlessly confronted by a Stand With Arizona activist and lashed out at him.

These “Senators” represent Mexico and big businesses addicted to cheap labor, not Arizonans.

This, via Free Republic, is a rallying cry for locals to descend on this “Conversation on Immigration” in protest.  For our purposes it demonstrates once again McCain's perfidy, and to a greater extent that of the GOP (the DNC's handmaiden).