Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A fun solution

Terrorism, Healthcare & Illegal Immigration

GOP Surrender Monkeys

Chase Bank Limits Withdrawels

Oh My

The Cruz Folding Chair

Et Tu, Cruz?

Unrequited High Five

Art is Everywhere

Liberals Go Hysterical?

Liberals Go Hysterical Over List of 252 Examples of Obama’s Lying, Corruption, and Cronyism

Hysterical?  I don't think so.  Because, unless it's published by some acceptable-to-them  lame-stream pub (NY TIMES), or discussed on MSNBC, or The Daily Show, no Liberal will  know about it.  Infowars had this in August; I don't remember any outrage. 

Had it been about Bush, of course, Sixty-Minutes would have been all over it, and Henry Waxman would be holding House Impeachement hearings as we speak.
When the Blue Dress DNA proved Clinton the liar, every one of Clitnton's Cabinet professed utter shock that he had lied to them (none resigned however).   I know people who will argue that Bill Clinton was not impeached (but, that Nixon was).  Liberals then are amoung the most politically ignorant people on Earth.
Still, it's a very nice list to have in the case things go to street justice.

Merrily had a little lamb ..

Nice catch kid ...

What I See        
Remember that movie where a Coke bottle lands in some jungle and the people thinks it's a god?  That's what I saw in the rollover.  I know, it should have been Lord of the Flies, but it just wasn't.

Nancy and Boner, Sitting in a Tree ...

" Speaker John Boehner is considering letting the House take the initial vote Wednesday on a Senate-prepared bill to lift the debt ceiling and restart funding for the shuttered federal government--apparently even if House conservatives object.

If they do object, it would mean Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and her House Democrats could become critical to its passage. "Boehner will need Pelosi votes," said one senior Democratic aide, familiar with what he described as the cross-party negotiations that have been occurring Wednesday morning. "

Why I killed the 3rd pd. English class

Don't Judge Me Till You've Stalked a Mile In My Shoes

Tar-Heel Chris sent me this beauty.  Mrs. Switzer's class at Eldorado High School in Placentia, CA  are given this assignment.

Letter to Sniper's mom. Due at end of period. Pretend you are the sniper. Write a letter to your mother, explaining what happened and how you feel about it.

The mind boggles.

Dear Mom. I told you I was tired of having manwich sandwitces every godgam Thrusday.  Bu would you listren?  Oh no.  So in order to drive the point homne I had to do something you could not ignore. Guess hwat that was bitch?  ... 

What?  You can do better?