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Tyranny of the Minority minority

This is ... is just unconscionable

We are a good people - without governement

A Grand Tip
So my mom and I have been working the same waitress job for 5-6 years now. She had been waitressing years before, but this is recently. Anyway, about... 15 minutes ago this guy she waited on left and told her to take care. Just that. Prior to this she had talked to him about Italy. Her people are from Florence, this and that, and she said she's never been. She got 8 years of art education and she's working a waitress job. It's pretty... sad and disappointing, I guess. Her and my father divorced 6 years ago and she hasn't had a real job ever. Just been stuck in a small town she's not from. This man who we have never seen before tipped her 1,000 dollars for a trip to Italy. Walked out, not another word.

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MAD @ Obama

Obama's War on US

Strolling through the Barnes & Noble this morning, happened to notice the cover of good ol' Mad Magazine, attached a copy. Considering the readership - lowest of the low info crowd - I found it surprising.
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For all of you at the NSA reading this:  ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐

Because we're idiots

Who the f*ck does this 
goober goon think he’s fooling?

Dog Tell-Tails

How to tell if your dog is involved in a sex scandal

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The man needs close watching

Hitler's Mustache                           

.... just as worrying is that the media is complicit in its lack of coverage.

Last Week Maj. Gen. Michael Carey was personally removed by Obama “due to a loss of trust and confidence in his leadership and judgment.” Gen. Carey is by my count the 6th Flag Officer removed by Obama in the past few years; three of them had personal knowledge of the Benghazi affair.   Carey was in charge of the units responsible for its 450 nuclear missiles.  What's going on?  And don't say nothing. 

Is there a real life Seven Days in May scenario brewing?  It sure as hell wouldn't surprise  me.  Here are some comments that resonated with me. Note that all of them cited are from the Brit press.

Peter Kirby, San Rafael, United States, 1 hour ago (Daily Mail):
Does anyone believe this garbage? First, a top nuclear commander is fired for 'using counterfeit poker chips.' Then, another gets fired because of 'alcoholism?' Give me a break. Does anybody look at the Alex Jones website? A.J. has been reporting for about a month that nukes were moved from Dyess AFB. The first nuclear commander was fired on THE DAY the nukes reportedly left the base. Wake up people! This thing stinks to high heaven!!!

Emma, London, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago (Daily Mail):
If you google how many top level US military commanders have been removed, sacked, demoted and killed it is truly frightening and what is just as worrying is that the media is complicit in its lack of coverage.The litmus test for Generals now is will they order troops to fire on US citizens, if they refuse somehow they will be removed (I'm not buying that one - it would leak and could not be ignored)

EngageBrainFirst, Graham, United States, 1 hour ago (Daily Mail):
Okay, we have a Navy Admiral and an Army General relieved "for cause" during the "phony scandal" of Benghazi. Now we have Air Force Generals in charge of nukes relieved "for cause" because of gambling and alcohol, not to mention all the others out there. Why is Obama and his minions going after the US military's senior leadership? There's something that 1) he's afraid of about them 2) he's planning something. Neither choice is very soothing to my worries. More to follow...

I'm not alarmed by any particular plot just yet, but the question we must ask, right NOW, is this.   Are Obama's actions, before and since becoming president ("My Military"), consistent with someone capable of capitol treason against the United State?.  Yes or no?  If yes, and how could it be otherwise, then who but the military can stop him?  And they know it. I'm just saying.  He has to be watched very carefully with this threat in mind, because ... .