Monday, November 04, 2013

Barry & His Squeeze

Can't keep your Doctor either ...

I had great cancer doctors and health insurance.
My plan was cancelled. Now I worry how long I'll live.

If only ...

When Democrats are in charge                                               

The title incidentally belongs to Debra J. Saunders's article about San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener's war on public nudity on city streets (except at events where people have grown to expect some exhibitionism).  Didn't read it.  What wins the Nobel Prize for pithy concision is the title.  In just eight words, 'Why Can't Everyone Else Be More Like Us/Me' defines Liberalism, Communism, and today's Democrat party.  Clap Calp Clap

Harvard Beats Yale

   At The Cinema                           

"Harvard Beats Yale" is both an irresistible human story and as fine a documentary on football as "Hoop Dreams" was on basketball"

 "the most famous football game in Ivy Leaguehistory"

The documentary includes game footage with contemporary interviews with the men who played that day, as well as contextual commentary about the Vietnam War, the sexual revolution, Garry Trudeau's Yale cartoons, and various players' relationships with George W. Bush (Yale), Al Gore (Harvard), and Meryl Streep (Vassar).

That comment to my post about crappy comic strips reminded me of  "Harvard Beats Yale 29-29"  Brian Dowling, the  Yale quarterback, became  B.D. in Gary Trudeau's campus strip, later gone national as Doonesbury."  Tommy Lee Jones was a Harvard guard.  The commentary is as interesting as the game, as players remember the times.  It seems that in  1968 only half of the students at these two schools were what we call today "Liberal twats."  Vastly entertaining.  The Hulu version on-line has four commercials (not to bad).  I think you can rent it from Amazon for $1.95.  

Connecting with-- who?

Only in New York
(or San Francisco)

"By placing his black, former lesbian wife and teenage children center stage, he appears to have connected to ordinary middle-class families and a vastly diverse electorate, if his mammoth poll leads are anything to go by."

Good lord, is that all they think of?

What is this-some fraternity initiation? search of  the perfect-vagina/ 
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