Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Who will rid us of ...


According to an internal, captured document entered into evidence in the Holy Land Foundation Hamas funding trial in Texas, the stated goal of the Muslim Brotherhood in the US is "a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah's religion is made victorious over all other religions."
A top leader of EADHR Hany Saqr has been quoted in the Arabic press recently as a senior Muslim Brotherhood leader in the United States. EADHR co-founder Akram Elzand also has ties to group sympathetic to the Brotherhood.

And now they're coming to the Thanksgiving Day Parade to picket on behalf of the Brotherhood regime in Egypt that the free people of Egypt threw out. This is the world Obama has given us.

Yeah, ruin Thanksgiving for us - a delicious, completely American non-dominational  holiday celebrating our good fortune to live in this country. Of course Islamic supremacists intend to crap all over it. It's what they do.

Pro-Morsi Egyptians to Picket Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, November 26, 2013 [Pam Geller- Full]

When will it end?  When Americans finally have enough, which ought be yesterday, alas.

Downton Four

   At The Cinema                           

Downton Abbey

I made arrangements through my M5 connections for you to watch the new Downton Abbey series (all 8 episodes) that will debut in January. Ahem.  One caveat, however.  The file is linked to U.S. voter records; nobody who voted for Obama will get access.  It's your reward for being good people. You're welcome, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Tech and Fancy

Two Three Fun Things. 
But Onetwo are impractical

Who the hell needs a Nip Cozy?

The "CAT COM" Solution

                          What I See                      

Project Cat-Com
(catalog commies ... a.k.a. Obama voters)

NJ Proposal Bans Snacking, Smoking Behind the Wheel

That cuts it!

First thought: "Hey assholes, you're the enablers; you voted for these people."  But hell, I live in Maryland.  Prolly half the people in the state hate our government, but we're at the mercy of a few counties, and Baltimore City, that have the machine, and the concentrated numbers to stay in power.  New Jerseyiers have the same problem. So what are you going to do?  Kill  them all?  Of course not.  What's left then?  Vote with your feet by moving to another state?  The problem there is this.  States who have conservative governments have the lowest crime rates, best economies and lowest taxes. They are, in fact,  manifestations of the American Dream.  We know what happens next then, don't we?  New Hampshire, as a fer-instance, found out when  Massachusetts Liberals fled to avoid the mess they created.  In just a few years they managed to turn New Hampshire  into a Minnie-Masshole.  Fortunately, I think there may be a solution. Project Cat-Com.

We have the technology to identify people with face scans.  You're way ahead of me aren't you?  That's right.  We begin to catalog every Liberal, Obama voter, and straight Dem ticket voter we know.  They're so easy to find.  The samples above are from the  Sorry Everybody (that we elected Bush) web site.  Google Obama Rally, or SEIU,  or ACORN Activist for more; it's so easy, and you get them all. Google have done much of the spade work for us.  Your phone cam will get the rest.

Next, I'll use  money I got from selling
my Pisssatorium to Sargento (they culture cheese in the vats) for seed money to begin a national registry. (My Pay Pal will be sort of a  "Save the Whales Americans Fund, " so use it generously.) Then, when you move from New Mexico to Texas, your face scan will be run through Cat-Com.  If you're in there, you'll be turned away as a known freedom predator (after some state legislation).  Go back where you came from, or try California!

Still not convinced?  Why?  Worried that the big bad DOJ and Eric Holder will threaten you?  Then you go on the list;  we don't wancher kind.  Just make it work.  I'm the idea man, and can't be bothered with nit-picky crap.  Hoo-Rah! And, you're welcome! Gobble gobble.