Thursday, December 05, 2013

We Are Basically Good People


The C Word and Amy Hagopian


Another video on the NORAD Tracks Santa website shows military personnel preparing for a test flight with an intelligence officer asserting that “intel can confirm that Jack Frost and the Abominable Snowman will not be a threat," The Globe reported.

“I think people are quite aware of the military’s true mission,” said Amy Hagopian, a professor of public health at the University of Washington, told the newspaper. “If the military wants to keep its ranks stocked, it needs to appeal to children. The military knows it can’t appeal to adults to volunteer. It is like the ad industry." [Good Grief]

It's always seemed logical that calling a woman a cunt was like calling her "precious."  Or "a pizza with everything."  Of course it is not.  It has arguably become the most vile and disdainful thing you can tag a woman with.  People like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and just about any Democrat woman you can name are cunts.  So is Amy Hagopian.

I'd like a pizza with double anchovys

Amazon Skeet

 Amazon Skeet
How Would They Work?
Tom Smith

Silk purse from a sow's ear, wot

It appears that "truth" today is whatever I can as a reporter make you believe.  It's what I see.

  • Thomas Roberts Lectures Black Republican: GOP Trying To ‘Disenfranchise Voters'
  • Chris Matthews: 'Pissant' Of Boehner To Blame Inaction On Divided Government
  • CNN Accuses GOP of Creating a 'Negative Mythology' of Benghazi

  • PBS Anchor Woodruff Asks if Administration Can Undo First Impression of ObamaCare
  • Piers Morgan Blames Gun Advocate for 'Allowing' More Shooting Deaths After Newtown

Yay Terps! Still undefeated and looking for a third  straight NCAA basketball  championship! 

  • Benghazi Blackout: How the Big Three Networks Have Censored or Spun Obama's Deadly Foreign Policy Failure
  • ABC and NBC Ignore Holder Hearings, CBS's Fast and Furious Coverage Slows to a Crawl
  • MSNBC Touts 'Reasonable' Obama on Birth Certificate, Gregory Chides 'Low-Minded' RNC Chairman

I didn't like how last night's game turned out, so I did something about itwith this post.   As you can see, unless you're interested in something, enough for it to matter, I can as a dishonest reporter tell you what I want, and it will become your truth.  Forever, probably.   My apologies to the deceived.  You could do the same thing by telling me that, say, Marin County, CA, consume 68% of the world supply of butterfly liver.  I'd tell everyone.  Extrapolate.