Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ridin' with the herd here boss

This is "Bad Parenting" because? 


Snackeater said...

I was going to say no hearing protection but it looks like that's just an air gun. So it must be teaching her child bad habits (holding her strong side elbow too high).

SoylentGreen said...

What Snackeater said. And mebbe the nipple on the Jack Daniels?

Helly said...

Because you can't resist a goofy non-sequiur?

Shooting at Democrats to protect children is an exemplar of the finest parentage.

DougM said...

Boy baby in pink chair.
No nipple on bottle of Jack.
No neck strap on binocs.
No cork on the fork.
Baby seems happy, nonetheless.

DougM said...

^ Sorry, SoylentGreen
Looks like I trampled on your joke.

Anonymous said...

1) Chicken Wing

2) Needs Eyes/Ears for both

3) *EMPTY* bottle of Jack. That really is just unforgivable

Anonymous said...

The child seat is not strapped down.
While ear protection is not normally needed with an air rifle (Remington AR77), EYE PROTECTION should be used.

Anonymous said...

Helly - 10 !!!!!!!!!


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