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While I was preparing to bring Duck Duck to y'all's attention (because it advertises itself as "The search engine that doesn't track you," I thought what the hell, let's see how good it is at searching

In the eleven years or so that I've used Blogger, I've posted exactly 32,047
times on Curmudgeonly & Skeptical.    It would be fair to say that at least 20,000 of them used my on-again-off-again blog description "If you're trying to change minds and influence people it's probably not a good idea to say that virtually all elected Democrats are liars, but what the hell."  I coined it, and it's been accessed well over 6 million times. I posted the results in the scroll box below.

The quack answer is that C&S received no credits.  Not one.  Not just from
Duck Duck, but from no search engine.  Duck- Duck, and all but Google and Dogpile, did mention C&S posts I made during the few years I posted using my own server.  But, nothing from Google (which owns Blogger for chrissake!).

In those 32,047 posts, it would be fair to say that, at a minimum, 32,047 pictures were published.  I'll posit that about 90% were original, or value added.  It has not been lost on me that, given the number of times I use Google image search a day, I've never seen any of my stuff.  I do run across some Terpsboy pictures, some even attributed; but no Bloggers.  

I am not, by the way, making any claims to greatness, far from it.  I am suggesting that Google uses it's muscle discriminately.  One of the first things that happened after Google purchased Blogger was that C&S was shut down.  The excuse was I was accused of something or other.  I had been under attack from lefty blogs who made it a habit to accuse people they disagreed with of being liars, inciting to riot and too stupid to be allowed to use machinery.  It wasn't until
Linda SoG made it something of a personal crusade that I was allowed back. 

On the bright side, perhaps my guardian angel has engineered this "shield of anonymity" as a way to protect me from Obama hit men. 

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Scott said...

ixquick had this:
About 26,877 results
and they claim they don't record your IP address either.


Anonymous said...

Google - biased? cough*bullshit*cough

I'd like some of that invisibilty cloak action. Will you offer shares? I'm finishing up my taxes after a week of agony and I'd rather disappear than ever do this crap again.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Tom Mann said...

I've been using DuckDuckGo for maybe a year. The first test it had to pass was a C&S test. It passed with flying colors. I've sometimes used ixquick which similarly passed. I've been pleased with both.

I've yet to come up with a test for how secure they are.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rodger,

That's happening because those pages are still live on the net and are still getting crawled. Do you still need them online? If not, maybe just rename the archive folder so the pages don't resolve any longer.

I'm not sure blogspot subdomains get crawled automatically, if at all. Have you ever tried submitting your URL for re-indexing? Go to each and search for "submit site url to duckduckgo/google/bing/ask" you'll see instructions. Give it 4-6 weeks to have an effect.

You might also consider buying the domain (it's available) for like $10 a year and forward it to the blog. That would definitely get your search results current, plus you could send readers right to

This article at discusses the specifics:

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

That search argument was too long. Just use "democrats are liars" and you are on the first page (using duck duck). Just use the important words for searches.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I'm old and afraid ... sigh

Anonymous said...

RR in Ohio:

Loved it Rog!

Thank's for actually getting te goods on another Obamabedient web provider. But don't feel like the "Lone Ranger" out there. We're all under suspicion.

leelu said...

Do NOT, under ANY circumstances used GoDaddy. You will regret it. does nicely.

Eskyman said...

Did a quick check myself. Results: finding complete search phrase "If you're trying to... all Democrats are liars."

DuckDuckGo: 0 results
Google: 2 results
Bing: 0 results

Then I went to settings on each search engine & changed from "safe" to "off"- BIG DIFFERENCE.

Repeated test with Safe Search Off:

DuckDuckGo: 0 results (still.)
Google: 10 results on first page, lists 4 pages
Bing: 2 results (still.)

Much as I hate to say it, Google wins hands down. I still use DuckDuckGo for the privacy but now I'm having to rethink....


Anonymous said...

'S funnay. Occasionally I'll hear a juicy story on the raadio and want to blog it. If it's outside Teh Narrative, it's nowhere to be found on glooglenooz.

Butt! when I search the same term on bing, *bingo* all over everywhere.

Yes. gloogle shows its claw.


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