Sunday, July 27, 2014

A tight fit

Stuff Men Don't See
They come off a lot easier.


Anonymous said...

Gotta wait for the ending!

Anonymous said...

I like that at the end giving credits: GALO FRITO. Direct translation from Portuguese: Fried Rooster. But I prefer "Fried Cock."

Anonymous said...

No, smart aleck, before you think it, I don't. I just prefer the modified translation. Seems to fit the theme of the video better.

pdwalker said...

I loved the punch line.

Helly said...

This seems somewhat exaggerated to me. But then, I don't ever wear pants.

Last year I mentioned to a Northern friend how easy it is to control our weight down here in South Florida. She was very interested in our activities and said she would immediately like to lose XX pounds. I asked why.

"To fit into a nice pair of jeans."

Anonymous said...

I've seen worse.

And the only way they come off easier is with liberal applications of tequila to the tonsils.


toadold said...

I can't help but remember the country girls' technique of my youth. They would buy a pair of jeans they could take a dip into a stock tank. They'd wear the jeans until they dried out and shrunk to fit. Of course if they grew some they'd be carrying a pair of pliers so they could zip up after going to the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

Had this taken place in the back of a 70 Chevelle with blue and red flashing lights coming through the rear window, it would have been a 5 second exercise. -Anymouse

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