Monday, August 18, 2014

5 New Dictionary Words

  5 Surprising New Words Being Added to the Oxford Dictionaries

I knew Douchbaggery and Side Boob, but the rest I tried to decipher.  See how I did.

5.  Douchebaggery

Douchebaggery (n.): obnoxious or contemptible behavior. 
Example: The level of douchebaggery on 'Jersey Shore' was unbelieveable!
See: douchebag, d-bag

4. Cray  - My Guess

Cray [n] Smart as a Cray Computer

Example: "That dude is cray."

3. Side Boob

Side Boob (n.):
This is easy. 

1) The Democrat VP Candidate
2) The side part of a woman's breast, as exposed by a revealing item of clothing.


YOLO (abbrev.): "You're low on your payment"

Example: "YOLO on yo vig MoFO!"

1. Listicle

Listicle (slang), leaving lipstick on the testicles during an  act of fellatio as a form of branding.  

Example: "Half the men in the bar sported Sherry's 'Bubble Gum Pink Listicle'  last  night."


Anonymous said...

I have never heard of a listicle. What a miserably unattractive word.


drew458 said...

Listicle ... morons. It's called an "item".

Cray ... how "charmi", how "ghet". No thanks, I'm not a "ni".

drew458 said...

Oh, an "article" as in a "story", not an "item" or iteration. Sorry then, never mind. But it's still a stupid, ugly, unnecessary word.

Helly said...

A common error: You were thinking of the portmanteau "lipsticle."

Cray is more interesting. This is an ebonification of the pig latin "razy cay."

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