Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hillary and Other Kybo Denizens


WTF?  She's a known liar, a documeted crook,  and did  I say liar?  She has one foot on the Alzeihmer sled, looks like she belongs in a circus sideshow, and she's still leading in this bull-s*it poll? Only because the in-the-tank media know she is their one-and-only (aside from Chris Christie, perhaps) candidate with a (50-1) chance.  Anyone else would have to explain past votes, past lies, and dead bodies in their basement. 

Nobody on this list is stalwart, and most are there because they are most acceptable to Liberals in the worst case secnario.  Spit.

So, there's that.


Chris in NC said...

That poll is completely accurate. If anything her numbers are too low. It does not matter who the democrats put up. That person will win and it won't be close. Too many parasites and leaches voting for a living. The moochers have won and the more conservative candidate will never win again. For now, we need to force the collapse. Once the collapse hits and the fighting is finished, the country can rise like the phoenix. But not until a lot of pain is received.

Stephen Varvaro said...

Maybe so, but just look how photogenic she is.

Jess said...

My solution is to have Democrats vote on one day and everyone else vote on another. That way the counters don't have to sort through the votes and can throw out half the votes from the Democrat voting day. I'm betting that would be smaller percentage of the votes that shouldn't have been placed in the first place.

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