Thursday, August 14, 2014

Morning Popcorn

The 49th Parallel                                 

I have a movie recomendation for you all. Its called 49th Paralel and was made in 1941 before America was in the war, but Canada was. A nazi U-boat gets sunk in Hudson Bay and some of the crew tries to walk out of Canada and into the USA. Mayhem, carnage and pro democracy propaganda ensue. Spoiler alert---it has a happy ending.



Tom Mann said...

I’ll second that recommendation. It’s an excellent movie and got a nomination for best picture and an Oscar for best writing, original story.
It reminds me of another Canadian based move, The Iron Curtain (1948) starring Dana Andrews and worth watching for costar Gene Tierney alone. He’s a Soviet commie assigned to the embassy in Ottawa. A movie that Horrywood would never make today, it ends up going to some interesting places.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I believe The Iron Curtain was the only file made (ca 1930-1950) that showed Stalin and the Communists in a bad light. I know there was just one made, such was the hold the CPUSA had on Hollywood, and this rings a bell.

Anonymous said...

Pretty good stuff - Thanks Rodg !

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