Monday, August 25, 2014

Little League Player Reps?

    Liberal Culture; Why We Can't Have Nice Things                   


"I've always felt we need to be as progressive an organization as we can"

Who were the Progressives? What did they believe?

The Progressives were reformers in the late 19th and early 20th century who believed that in order to address modern problems, America needed to abandon the old ideas of the Founding in favor of a new expansive conception of the role of government. By the late 20th century the term "Liberal" was increasingly met with voter disapprobation, so Progressive was introduced as a substitute more acceptable than "Commie MoFo."


Anonymous said...

I first noticed this year with the Little League Series that the Teams don't wear Jersey's with their hometown or state on it. Instead they wear regional jersey's Mid-West - Asia-Pacific.

How long has this been going on? These libs have reached deep into our society with their tentacles. There is nothing that isn't P-C today.


Anonymous said...

Why in the hell does the little league need a CEO? Why does every damn thing kids do need total supervision and regulation by a bunch of adults, a significant percentage of whom are there for reasons of an unhealthy sort. Basing that statement on the relative percentages of perverts in the general population.

Did kids not mostly do just frikkin' fine when allowed to play and develop on their own? Look at what wussies we are creating with the crap we do now, and tell me things are better with those "everybody gets a trophy" kids now adults, and trying to run things.


Esteve said...

That young girl pitcher made the cover of Sports Illustrated. I'm sure she already has an agent.

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