Monday, August 04, 2014

Obama's Gestapo

Police State         


(The White House petition has gone missing)
That is a snippet from yesterday's church bulletin.  I made note of it because it is, to my knowledge, the first time a parish priest has come this close to condemning anything this filthy Obama government (silence of the West) have perped.  Now this ...

First Amendment: Government's assault on religious liberty has hit a new low as the IRS (used by Obama as a personal  Gestapo) settles with atheists by promising to monitor sermons for mentions of the right to life and traditional marriage.

A lawsuit filed by the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) asserted that the Internal Revenue Service ignored complaints about churches' violating their tax-exempt status by routinely promoting political issues, legislation and candidates from the pulpit.

The FFRF has temporarily withdrawn its suit in return for the IRS's agreement to monitor sermons and homilies for proscribed speech that the foundation believes includes things like condemnation of gay marriage and criticism of ObamaCare for its contraceptive mandate.

The irony of this agreement is that it's being enforced by the same Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division of the IRS that was once headed by Lois "Fifth Amendment" Lerner and that openly targeted Tea Party and other conservative groups.

Among the questions that the IRS asked of those targeted groups was the content of their prayers.
Those who objected to the monitoring of what is said and done in mosques for signs of terrorist activity have no problem with this one, though monitoring what's said in houses of worship is a clear violation of the First Amendment. Can you say "chilling effect"?

Congress can make no laws prohibiting the free exercise of religion. So it's not clear where the IRS gets off doing just that by spying on religious leaders lest they comment on issues and activities by government that are contrary to or impose on their religious consciences. Our country was founded by people fleeing this kind of government-monitored and mandated theology last practiced in the Soviet Union.

The FFRF cites as its authority the 1954 Johnson Amendment, which states that tax-exempt groups cannot endorse candidates. A 2009 court ruling determined that the IRS must staff someone to monitor church politicking.
The FFRF claims that the IRS has not adhered to the ruling and that the settlement amounts to enforcing both the Johnson Amendment and the court ruling.


Anonymous said...

Better station some of these IRS reps in Reverends Jackson and Sharpton's 'churches', any black church during election season, also in any big city mosque where the imam raves about jihad on infidels and overthrowing the US government.
That was racist you say? I'm so....not sorry.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

Two quick questions: Why do Americans think the Marxist goons give a flook about a petition?

More importantly, given all of Marxist history, why would anyone voluntarily put their name on a petition (list) that is owned by Marxists? Do people not understand the relationship between Lists and open trenches? -Anymouse

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