Monday, August 04, 2014

Skunking Skunks

The SKUNK, a weapon that only Israel could think of

Shoot, we did this in the 5th grade (ventilator)  to postpone a test. BTW, this was April, 2013.  One commenter noted "This would have been useless with the Occupy Wall Street hippies though. I don't think they could tell the difference."
Marc Miller


Anonymous said...

Pali said "Human's aren't animals."
Animals don't throw rocks and shoot rockets at random into cities either.
Barbarians do.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should mix a little [or a lot] of pig pee in while they're at it.

A tad harsh, perhaps, but it annoys hell out of me how many Middle Eastern Muslim nations are lining up against Hamas whilst Lord Barry coddles them.

Sir H the Comet

Ralph Gizzip said...

Ooh!!! Mix in some pig pee and do an air burst carpet bombing of all of Gaza. Gaza is already a shit hole. Turn it into a stinking shit hole, too!

Anonymous said...

To have something like this at home, buy some Butyric acid.
Butyric acid is present in, and is the main distinctive smell of, human vomit.
The substance has also been used as a stink bomb by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to disrupt Japanese whaling crews, as well as by anti-abortion protesters to disrupt abortion clinics.

...the disagreeable odor of rancid butter...

CF in CO

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