Thursday, August 21, 2014

They all look alike to me

   HELTER SKELTER  Provoking Racial Unrest                                                               

 The Master race Baiters

We now know from Michael Brown’s autopsy that he was not shot in the back. We now know from other eye witnesses that Michael Brown did attack the police officer who stopped him. If leaks are to be believes, we know the officer was seriously injured in the attack.

There is a lot that bothers me about all of this. I am bothered by the slow response from the Ferguson Police. Many facts could have mitigated some of the issues. I am bothered by so much of the media getting so many of the early facts wrong. I am bothered by so many people who wish to treat this as a binary situation. I am bothered by the Al Sharpton’s and Jesse Jackson’s of the world swooping in to fan the flames and fundraise.

But I am most bothered by the near gleefulness of some that the early facts were wrong. . . [Full]

I think this is the first time I've even mentioned Ferguson.  It's been apparent, to me anyway, for a long while that Obama/Holder and gang are intent on fulfilling  serial killer Charles Manson's "Helter Skelter" vision ( an apocalyptic war he believed would arise from tension over racial relations between blacks and whites) .  It now seems  that  Ferguson is  a repeat of the  George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin charade, where a black thug attacked a white who, in self defense, shot the thug.  All that's left is for Obama to take a break from the golf course to tell us that "Michael Brown could have been my son."  


Esteve said...

Wonder what Obama or Holder would think of Michael Brown or Travon Martin as a son-in-law?

Anonymous said...

did you see the ferguson crowd boo'd jesse jackson away...after he asked for donations for his church

Anonymous said...

Assault a cop. Try and steel his weapon. charge at him again...He got what he deserved.
I am a Christian & say it in good conscious. RAK

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Amen brother RAK

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry and so ashamed, but after seeing the Autumn Pasquale story, I'd just as soon take every black male currently in prison and execute them with a .22LR in the back of the head out behind the wood shed. Cull out several hundred thousand of the absolute worst offenders as an example to the rest. I'm a horrible racist person and cannot seem to feel sorry for it. It needs to be done, even if it means going to hell afterwards. I"m older, my children are grown, I'd volunteer to kill as many as needed and then suffer the consequences.

Anonymous said...

That was me up above, 67dodgeman!!!

gadfly said...

I am bothered by the "hang the cop" attitude announced by Missouri Governor Nixon and while I have been hopeful that the St. Louis Prosecutor is a principled guy, he has begun a Grand Jury investigation without having first interviewed Officer Darren Wilson - after almost two weeks have passed since the shooting.

But know for sure that should the Grand Jury not recommend charging the officer, General Holder will most certainly try Wilson for Federal Civil Rights Violations.

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