Thursday, September 25, 2014

Did the Unibomber die for our sins?

Police State         


Miss a Payment? Good Luck Moving That Car
Did the Unibomber die for our sins?

Ms. Bolender was three days behind on her monthly car payment. Her lender, C.A.G. Acceptance of Mesa, Ariz., remotely activated a device in her car’s dashboard that prevented her car from starting. Before she could get back on the road, she had to pay more than $389, money she did not have that morning in March. [FULL]

There's nothing I can say that your own fertile brains haven't already screamed into your head. As for my Unabomber lede (something an Austin TX grand jury may someday throw in my face), I'm not alone in recognizing his prescience re: techno-chills.
“Ted Kaczynski, the convicted bomber who blew up dozens of technophilic professionals, was right about one thing: technology has its own agenda. The technium is not, as most people think, a series of individual artifacts and gadgets for sale. Rather, Kaczynski, speaking as the Unabomber, argued that technology is a dynamic holistic system. It is not mere hardware; rather it is more akin to an organism. It is not inert, nor passive; rather the technium seeks and grabs resources for its own expansion. It is not merely the sum of human action, but in fact it transcends human actions and desires. I think Kaczynski was right about these claims. In his own words the Unabomber says: “The system does not and cannot exist to satisfy human needs. Instead, it is human behavior that has to be modified to fit the needs of the system. This has nothing to do with the political or social ideology that may pretend to guide the technological system. It is the fault of technology, because the system is guided not by ideology but by technical necessity.”’” [Here]
Of course, Ted also had a copy of Al Gore's book "Earth in the Balance?" in his hovel.  So, unless he was preparing a UPS package for Al in response, I guess he was, on balance, quite insane.


Esteve said...

I feel for many of these folks who have no other recourse than predator lenders but unfortunately most just have never learned how to budget and handle money or live within their means. I have a young friend in the pawn business and it amazes me that people will borrow $200 on a $1000 item, then pay $300-400 to get it back or lose it after missing a payment. The place is full of big screen TV's and I have enhanced my firearms "collection" on many occasions at substantial savings.

Anonymous said...

What Esteve said. I could pay cash for a new car, but neither of my cars is as new as the car of the 'victim' in the article.
The youngest girl looks like she's living at McDonalds. Do the older two do anything - work at McDonalds, babysit - to help the family budget? Do they even have a budget? Schools used to teach home economics, now gone AFAIK. Feminazis can't have that inflicted on womyn. Why don't high schools teach basic money management? Because preparing for college and social indoctrination to rely on .gov are more important than being functioning members of society.
Because NEA sucks. In spite of their claims, they're for the union, not the students.
Stupidity is genetic, but ignorance is self-inflicted. I have no sympathy for her.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

The saddest part is that these folks are cannon fodder for the left. Their sad, sad stories evoke emotion that busybodies and politicians use to shape more rules. For our own good of course.

Anonymous said...

This is but the camel nose under the tent. I'm afraid that these folks have demonstrated how effective shut-off devices work. Law enforcement will want these in all future vehicles for avoiding car chases and catching criminals.

Anonymous said...

@Kung Pow
Chevy and GM vehicles already have remote kill/cutoff switches. It's called Onstar. I've read of it being used to stop car thieves, it's a matter of time before the Police and/or Feds to abuse it.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I meant this as a broad commentary on how government seeks and grabs techno resources for its own expansion, and control.

Esteve said...

Well, as Emily Litella said, "Never mind."

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