Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Jummy Carter PLO Brigade

For all who believe the stories and propaganda about Israel's attacks on civilian targets*

This is a captured Palestinian garbage truck from Gaza ..

The truck is set up to fire 9 Kasem rockets and then drive off innocently.

The note pasted on the drivers door says “In case of traffic violations, please contact the Palestinian Authority”.

The Israelis have evidence of ambulances and emergency vehicles set up the same way.

Doesn’t it make you “warm and fuzzy” all over knowing that Obama just gave the Palestinians 400 million dollars of your tax dollars?

Eddie Lowenstein
*Which generally include just about everyone who will again vote for a Democrat Congress this November, and that will include a good many well heeled American Jews of the Hollywood ad Media  variety.


Anonymous said...

I ponder over who is more senile. Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Jimmy Carter. At least he's less of a threat.

renojim said...

I'm wondering if I can get me a truck like that. Fully loaded.

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