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I was actually elected audio visual cart guy at St. Pat's HS in Chicago (had to leave the room while voting took place).


Esteve said...

Naval training films and a Beta/VHS player was gee whiz stuff.

DougM said...

^ Put 'er there.
I was a Bell & Howell-trained movie-projector operator in 7th/8th grades. Still have the official B&H lapel pin around here somewhere.
You know … a certified nerd.

Anonymous said...

Yup. Navy Training films. I was at FASO as we began to switch from 16mm to Umatic video.

drew458 said...

You guys got lapel pins? Aw man!! we got nothing! We did learn how to splice film and reel-to-reel tape, and how to maintain the old beasts. And the overhead projectors. Don't forget them.

Being the A/V nerds didn't get us much time away from class, but we had a key to a locked room we could go in, and shut the rest of the school out for a little while.

drew458 said...

Don't forget the Kodak Carousel slide show that had the audio record that did the voice over, and told you when to change slides BEEEP.

Or the ancient gray, crackle finished film strip projector, that looked like some small piece of electronic artillery.

DougM said...

^ You guys had reel-to-reel tape? Oooh …
We did have a film strip projector, though.
It sat in the utility room with the mimeograph machine.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

mimeograph machine! I can see a time when the mimeograph will again be a prized possession - and hunted down by the gov't. Plus, I can still smell those mimeo spirits.

Guy S said...

Count me in your ranks as well!! From 16mm, to slides, to carousels, mimeographs, film strips, record players, and we also had the laminate machines, and other peripheral odds and ends.

Agree with Rodger, I think there is more than a very good chance the mimeograph will be making a strong come back. (And distributors points and plugs for ones car..after the EMF blast renders most electronic ignitions moot.)

Anonymous said...

" key to a locked room we could go in, and shut the rest of the school out for a little while"

Having envy here, boss. Guurlz weren't allowed in AV; or calculus class.

wait... #RapeCulture!!1!


Anonymous said...

I got an "A" in a freshman college course because I was the only one in a class of 90 who could run the film projector.

Course was "Physics for elementary education majors" and I enrolled since it was an elective and I needed something to help my grade point average.

Teacher was a real babe and I was one of the three males in the entire class.

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