Thursday, October 16, 2014

Birthing Room

What Do You See                                                      


What I See 


Leonard Jones said...

I remember years ago, while cruising the channels on my
TV, I did a double take after I switched to the local
PBS station. What I saw was a gaping hatchet wound
that could have come from a Hustler centerfold. Being
a healthy male, it captured my attention.

It took no time to see what was going on. PBS got
away with this because it was a live birth. There is a
reason men were historically exiled to the waiting
room: The fear was not that they might faint, but that
they might puke their guts out!

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Ha! I came home from work one day and my son Hucker, then age 2-3, said "Dad- I saw a baby come out of a lady's butt!" Wife explained that, sure enough, Mike Douglas had aired a live birth segment. Didn't seem to do the kid any harm.

Jess said...

He has that surprised look of someone that finally realized what happened to the Rolex they lost last year.

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