Thursday, October 16, 2014

Today's Douchebags


I've been amusing myself perusing the picture galleries that abound.  These (rollover) were from Acid Cow under the heading News Stories That Will Test Your Faith in Humanity.  And they certainly do; albeit not in the way intended.  While I'm mining this vein, here's a Facebook post
 I snipped a while back. I followed the source for documentation which led to, as I remember, a quote from some MSNBC slug; that is to sayno documentation.  As foolish as all this is, there's a substantial audience who make decisions based on this sort of disinfo. Where's the joy to be found in this environment?


Anonymous said...

An amazing number of people make decisions using subjective info, citing the 'fact' that that's how they feel.

Anonymous said...

That's a fact, Tim.

Another data point: a surprising number of people use Jon Stewart for their primary source of news and information. Least ways, it's surprising if you haven't been to the mall or watched over 30-seconds of MTV lately.

Sir H the Comet

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