Friday, October 10, 2014

Department of Injustice

Police State         

Department of Injustice


(Successive secret-police chiefs were themselves executed by Stalin, or, in the case of the infamous Beria, by Stalin’s successors, in the only step they could agree upon before a rending struggle for power between themselves.) The United States certainly has not plumbed these depths, but the allocutions are just as nauseatingly excessive and obviously extorted by terror in sentencing — psychological, as opposed to physical, torture.
I was one of those who warned of the criminalization of policy differences in the Watergate affair, but unfortunately the inexplicable and uncharacteristic mismanagement of the whole tawdry sequence of events by President Nixon made it relatively easy for his enemies to drive him from office. It was bound to be an intoxicating experience, and beneath the confected sanctimony of many of the Watergate principals in the media and law enforcement, the joys of the assassin were evident. Ben Bradlee, editor of the Washington Post, whose notes reveal that he distrusted Woodward and Bernstein’s Watergate reporting, was audibly rubbing his hands with glee at the prospect of going over the same ground again in the piffling Iran-Contra affair of 1986.

  • The infamous Ted Stevens affair has already been exposed as fraudulent withholding of evidence by the prosecutors, but only after the seven-term senator narrowly lost his bid for reelection and one of the prosecutors committed suicide. The protracted persecution of long-serving New York Senate leader Joseph Bruno has been another glaring example of the political corruption of the bench and the prosecutors. Most recently, the harassment of Republican governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin by the Democratic district attorney of Milwaukee, the pursuit of conservativecommentator Dinesh D’Souza, the partisan indictment of Governor Perry of Texas for exercising his veto right, and the antics of the IRS
  • In the assault on Governor Scott Walker, Democratic district attorney John Chisholm’s long-running criminal investigation of the governor and his entourage ended in 2013, and has been followed by a criminal investigation into the most prominent individuals and organizations that support the governor, expressing concern about improper collusion in support of the governor’s political, if not statutory, offense, which was to curb rapacious and irresponsible public-sector unions. This is a John Doe investigation (so called because it is a blind search into whether a crime was committed at all, and if so by whom — a procedure certain to lead to abuse).
  •   The pursuit of Governor Don Siegelman of Alabama was always dubious, and the long persecution of the former House majority leader, Tom DeLay of Texas, has finally collapsed as the scandalous abuse of a partisan prosecution service that it always was.]
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Anonymous said...

In the modern age it started with that turd Walter Cronkite and blossomed with Woodward and Bernstein. The mainstream 'press' became advocates, intoxicated with their power.

Anonymous said...

Joe Bruno was about as innocent as O.J. Simpson was. Of course he couldn't hold a candle compared to the one who is still there and cutting deals. . . Sheldon Silver.

Lil Mario {Andy}, the Governor started a Commission to investigate corruption. But when the investigation started leading to the Executive Mansion he disbanded it.


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