Monday, October 13, 2014

GOP's WAVE election

On Monday, The Washington Times reported on the Homeland Security Inspector General's finding that detention facilities for illegal border-crossers are teeming with diseases because the guests don't know how to take medicine or use toilets. By Tuesday, there were more than 1,000 comments.

It is a mark of how utterly useless the national Republican committees are that roughly half the comments questioned whether Republicans would be any better on immigration than the Democrats. Any party that is incapable of capitalizing on this justified rage about our country being overrun with illegal aliens doesn't deserve a Senate majority.
That's a lot of comments. Articles on ISIS usually get between five and 100 comments.

True, a month ago, a CNN poll reported that 90 percent of Americans said they believed ISIS was a direct threat to the United States. What else could they say? You'd feel awfully silly if you told a CNN pollster ISIS wasn't a threat and, the next day, the group set off a bomb in Times Square.

When it comes to what Americans are angry enough about to post more than a thousand comments, there's only one issue. It's immigration.

But the Republican leadership won't touch it. Their consultants have kids who are going to need college tuition, and the donor class wants cheap labor.

So instead, the big thinkers of the party give us the same soporifics a 5-year-old could produce. In Karl Rove's recent Wall Street Journal piece announcing the main issues Republicans needed to raise to win back the Senate, he listed tax cuts, regulatory reform, spending restraint, the Keystone pipeline and national defense ... Zzzzzzzz.

Anything missing? Maybe something that would produce 1,173 comments on a single article in The Washington Times?

Here's a representative sample of the comments:

-- defiant1: All the more reason why they should not be in the US; these illegal alien lawbreakers need to be deported immediately; I am tired of paying for this human garbage.

Sorry, girls, Defiant1 is married.

-- Erminilildo Zenga: After the demographic shift, this will be "the people."

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Jess said...

I'm thinking the secret is teaching all those people that come from shithole countries that licking your fingers, after wiping your ass, is not conducive to good starts with the demand they learn our language, so they understand how repulsed we are with their habits.

Anonymous said...

As far as Mexico and similar countries, their plumbing is not good enough to handle toilet paper, so there is a waste basket by the toilets. Yeah, disgusting to me and other Americans, but there it is. Their plumbing has gotten much much better lately, but the working classes and rural people still have the ingrained habits of poverty, as well as the bad plumbing.

As far as the Arabs and such, they had a choice of using their hands or sand. Also disgusting, and many of them can now afford toilet paper, but custom is still king.

In both cases, disease is a real danger, and our customs are not as sanitary as using a bidet or the Japanese modern toilets. Still important to wash the hands with soap.

And yeah, English. It's just a more accurate language for communication.

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