Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Racist Black Girl's Reasoned Response

   HELTER SKELTER                          
Racial Unrest
What did you learn in School Today Reniece?

Tommy Lee Smith


Anonymous said...

Throw that foul-mouthed negro on the ground and cuff her. Book her for assault and battery. Then the rest of the class, black and white, can get back to learning.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

Notice the other she-boons think its funny. Just another wonderful day in the utopia that is diversity.

Thomas M. said...

Two Thoughts

1. It was ok. She was just having a bad day. Happens to the best of us - doesn't it?

2. Someone did a great job of synching those 2 phone videos.

rickn8or said...

I see two counts of assault, one of which was the instructor.

And the first guy she punched should have gotten up and decked her ass.

Flyover Pilgrim said...

She made death threats. DEATH THREATS.

The "professor" stood there like an idiot.

The snickering after the incident was a release of tension, I think, and not agreement with the barbaric actions of girl.

She really needs remedial public speaking, she has an infinitesimal vocabulary.

What school was it? D'you think they'll expel her? (um, no, they won't.)

Flyover Pilgrim said...

...and this is what our vibrant, diversified culture gets us.

Leonard Jones said...

What we are seeing here is a future 200 grand a year
African American studies professor. She will probably
get course credit for her outburst in this video.

PS I agree that the white dude she attacked should
have cold-cocked her ass!

Murphy(AZ) said...

Just so I can have enough verbiage to get this posted, please forgive me for padding.

I have just two words for what I just watched: "Mydol," and "Pamprin."

Well, I could add more, but why? You all saw what I saw. Draw your own conclusions!

Anonymous said...

She has a great future as Chief of Staff in Hillary's White House. Assuming that she runs and is elected, of course.
Beyond that, this person should be barred from this school permanently.


DougM said...

When somebody goes psycho in a classroom, you have to evacuate the kids. Letting this continue with a room full of potential victims is totally irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

Beyotch be cray the clinical sense:

She should be institutionalized.


Anonymous said...

Firstest, he's a professor = pantywaist liberal puss. This is not a product of our time but is in fact genetic.

In 1977, small town Oklahoma, liberal milk toast pony tailed 6th grade history teacher provoked the ire of one of the few afrikaners in our school. She was a brute of the species. Mr. Barret grabbed a toy our of her hand and she proceeded to beat him senseless with a hair brush. We would have helped him, had we not hated his fi fi guts as much as he hated our redneck asses. So we just let it go, with sadistic glee. Next day it was like it never even happened, well he was little more twitchy after the whole affair. -Anymouse

Jess said...

In a less polite society, she'd be slobbering all over her new straitjacket; as they gave her a second dose of's time to not be polite any longer.

rwnutjob said...

This is nothing compared to what happens when EBT stops working.

Anonymous said...

If the First Lady saw this, that moron could easily be your next US Attorney General. She is politically correct as Holder's replacement and fits the current administrations requirements. I'm sure that Soetoro can get her an honorary Law Degree photoshopped at the same place he obtained his bogus birth certificate.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what set this tramp off? We didn't hear that. I find it saddening that this is viewed as funny - it is a very sad comment on society that this kind of behavior is funny and not merely repugnant. Trash like this deserves to be in the 'hood hangin out markin time with her ho's.


Chuck said...

Anyone know what that class was about? What the course was?

Anonymous said...

Not sure what specific comment set her off but right near the beginning of the video she makes a comment about "evolution" - given that I've seen a significant number of people try to use evolution as a justification for racism (which is really just an attempt to discredit well established science) that may well have been the trigger. But who knows?

Helly said...

STG, I thought this was historic footage of the moment Mooch met Barry.

Setting that aside, the girl has a valid reason for acting out: Her instructor refused to tell the truth when she asked the most important question about evolution.

Anonymous said...

Here's the whole story:


Malcolm Kirkpatrick said...

Many people cannot tolerate 12 years of indoor inactivity. Repeal compulsory school attendance laws, child labor laws, and minimum wage laws and people like the cherub in the video might lead useful lives.

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