Monday, December 08, 2014

Bloomberg Coming Apart

Democrat Media Monkeys


America's been  coming apart since Obama was shoehorned into the White House (POLL: Most See Race Relations Worsening Under Obama...) Since Mike Bloomberg, as mayor, was busy restoring New York City to its former glory after the Rudy Giuliani terror, and had to relinquish day-to-day control of his publishing empire, his hands were tied.  Free now to focus on the full Union, he is horrified by eventssince the recent election.— so cries havoc and lets slip his dogs of war ...  

It was the most Republican of times ...

That's the U.S. right now, a nation heading in two diametrically opposed directions. Where you live in the country has always influenced how you live. But divergent public policy choices, rooted in sharp partisan conflict, are heightening the geographic distinctions.

House Republicans this week passed legislation designed primarily to channel conservative rage and secondarily to vaporize 11 million or so undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. Republicans won't provide funds to deport the immigrants, and they won't provide a method of rationalizing those immigrants' existence here. So they will simply pretend that they don't exist.

In January, the first Republican legislative act of 2015 is expected to be another vote to repeal Obamacare, the health-care reform that has been working out better than even its proponents predicted.

.... it was the most Democratic of times.

Meanwhile, across the the continent, California Democratic Governor Jerry Brown also has immigrants and health care on his mind. Brown is analyzing whether the state can extend its version of Medicaid health insurance to undocumented immigrants who are covered by President Barack Obama's executive action on amnesty.

“We’re still evaluating, but the president’s recent action on undocumented immigrants could perhaps open a door for more coverage of more people under Medi-Cal,’’ Nancy McFadden, the governor’s top policy aide, told the Los Angeles Times.

California is not just a blue state with a Democratic governor and legislature. It's home to almost one in eight Americans. And it has by far the nation's largest population of undocumented immigrants -- one in four live there, according to the Pew Research Center.

So in the very near future, undocumented immigrants who reside in California (some by virtue of having snuck illegally over the border) may be covered by publicly-funded health insurance while many U.S. citizens living in Texas and the Deep South will have no access to health insurance of any kind, thanks to the Republican war on Obamacare.  [Full twaddle]

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