Sunday, December 07, 2014

Or, "We are not like them, thank God"

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On December 3, supporters who marched in Denver for Michael Brown cheered when a car struck four Denver police officers doing crowd control on bicycles.

Harris-Perry on 'Burn This B---- Down': Arson, Looting 'Not Necessarily Violence'

Michael Brown's stepfather Louis Head, who on the night the grand jury declined to indict, jumped on a car and implored the crowd "burn this mother------ down! Burn this b--ch down!" Numerous buildings were thereafter torched. Argued MSNBC's Harris-Perry: "arson and looting . . . are not necessarily violence." She added that those crimes should bear a "legal difference" from violence against "bodies."


Anonymous said...

When I was an MP on the streets of DC for MLK riots and other 'protests', our ROE said "Let 'em loot, you don't kill for a case of beer", but we had orders to shoot anyone tossing a Molotov cocktail at a building, the argument being: There might be someone in the building who could die from that action, so stop it."
Harris-Perry is a stupid racist cunt, badly in need of a whack with a cluebat. She could start by spending a few months riding with firemen in Detroit.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Regnad Kcin said...

There is a lot of commotion going on here in DenCo that's being fomented by the leftist run teachers union. They're up against a duly elected conservative school board and their goal is to cause as much conflict as they can. The parents of the students are quite upset with the TU interfering with their kids education. Lots of outside agitation going on here to fan the flames. When some of the students were interviewed by the local media, they were conflicted by the idea that the police were protecting them while they marched in protest of the constabulary. Young skulls full of mush.....

Anonymous said...

Would Hairy-Parris fell the same if it was her house?

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