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"Under Observation"

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All of us on Medicare need to know this info or we could find ourselves in debt up to our ears if we ever have to go to the hospital. Read and remember…... 
I saw this on NBC News last night and thought I should send it to all my friends on Medicare as fair warning.  I've included the segment for you to view.  Basically, if I understand it correctly, do not let the hospital admit you with the words, "Under Observation."  Insist on "In-Patient"designation.  Otherwise, you will be responsible for the hospital expenses.  It might be wise to inform family members too. 
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>>> back as promised with this new warning for everyone on medicare. specifically, it is about the words that appear on hospital forms and small differences in the fine print that could mean thousands of dollars in payments down the line. we get details on this story tonight from our national correspondent, kate snow.

>> reporter:  79-year-old m.j. is doing physical therapy after a bad spill in september. she spent three days in the hospital getting the same care as an in-patient but was not classified as one. instead, her chart said she was only under observation.
>> it was illlogical, i had a broken leg, it didn't make sense at all, what were they going to observe?

>> reporter:  and here is what she didn't understand, that label, under observation, technically made her an out-patient and that means that medicare won't care for her rehab in a nursing facility which costs $28,000.

>> the whole thing is outrageous and it is not right.

" ... do not let the hospital admit you with the words, 'Under Observation.'"
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Ban Assault Bows

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Valentine's Day at Sandy Hook

"Ban Assault Bows!!!"
Kim dT

Kim's justifiably cynical use of metaphor here (I doctored the angel) caused me to reflect yet again on my 5th grade teacher at Saint Clement's.  She spoke of things to expect in the end times  Two I remember are: 
  1. Ireland will sink into the sea, and thus escape the coming horror as reward for remaining true to the faith, and
  2. Life would become a terrifying existence where people would be reduced to using bows and arrows to defend themselves from marauders.  Nobody would dare walk the streets.
This is he same nun who, while asking us to pray for the imprisoned (by Godless Communists) Cardinal J√≥zsef Mindszenty, cautioned us never to take our freedom for granted.  That just as the Germans under Hitler, and the Russians under Lenin and Stalin, had turned nations into a police state by offering false platitudes and promising a heaven on earth, we too could succumb should ever allow bad government to subjugate us.  Here's the part that really stuck with me.

As an exercise we wrote down a list of things that, if they ever happened, would be cause to turn on our government, not that God forbid, there was any hint of that happening.  Without such a list, or being grounded in the what freedom entails, she instructed,  it would be easy to incrementally accept that which would enslave us.

I am not making that up. I'm sure her tutelage is responsible for my life-long, utter hatred of Communism, and all that it stands for.

Godzilla II?

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