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When the West Began Dying


Here's a view of history (American Thinker) that most of us have not been taught; certainly not today, when history is barely taught at all.

This essay certainly challenges the view most Americans have of what's really been going on over the past 100 years. The phrase that comes to mind is "Read it and weep."
Stu Tarlowe (via skoonj)

Aside: I think the degree to which individuals are repulsed by each of these two (rollover) pictures will say much about them.

 When WWI ended, European society would be forever broken.  It has not recovered. Right now, demographic rates show that Europe is not even reproducing itself at replacement levels.  Europe has lost the will to live. 

Patriotism is all but dead in Western Europe. 

Religion is dead.  Most West European nations are nowhere near American church attendance.

It is easy for us Americans to criticize the Europeans; but we did not go through the horrors of the Napoleonic Wars, World War I, and World War II in our own backyard.  58,000 dead in Vietnam over a decade was enough to bring us Americans to social disruption.  Europe saw that many die in one day during the Napoleonic Wars at Borodino.

... Russian forces fought Napoleon's men in the apocalyptic Battle of Borodino, leaving 70,000 people dead  - LA TIMES

Starting in 1914, Western Civilization collapsed.   Even the victory of 1918 by the Allies could not hide the damage.   Since then, despite its rising prosperity, the West has lost the will to live… as evinced by it collapsing demographic – and abortion rates where the West kills its unborn.   

The White race went from being supremacists to having an inferiority complex.

We in America are presently the last redoubt of the West.  We may not be in as severe a retreat as the rest of the West, but we are retreating.  We have to do some serious soul searching if Western Civilization is to survive.  Europe may be lost.

A hundred years after 1914, on the anniversary of the disaster, the West has to change its attitude and policies.   [Full Article]

In a nutshell; "Woodrow Wilson"

Making Coffee

Gary Larsen

 About 1960 maybe earlier, Coffee brewers institute offered classes in coffee brewing. Upon completion of instruction, we were awarded a 1/2 gold colored coffee cup and hung it over the entrance to the bar. Tap water should be fit to drink.

Never boiled or perked. (Video seems to contradict) 210 degrees. No more. Fresh coffee in a can or bag is near unattainable unless you find fresh roasted beans & grind 'em yourself. To test, take a pinch of coffee and roll it between thumb and forefinger. You should feel the oil. Second test, place a hot cup of coffee across the table and you can see a thin film of oil on the surface.

I just tested the tick marks on my coffee maker's reservoir, and they are exactly set at ¾ cup of water per cup of coffee.  So, since we have the best coffee maker on the planet Earth (1300 watts), it stands to reason that we have the best cup of coffee made with Walmart coffee on planet Earth  USA UAS USA

Buttercups in the Wooly Mammouth

Gary Larsen

It’s not necessarily a deliberate conspiracy in the sense that some people getting together in a smoke filled room and saying "we’re going to deceive people". It’s something that happens automatically within the scientific community.

So when a given piece of evidence disagrees with the predominant theory, then automatically people won’t talk about it, they won’t report it and that means that science fails to progress in the way that one would hope. - Top Documentaries.Com

Unfortunate that UFOTV® presents Charlton Heston's narration here.  However, whatever else you make of it, I think very few of us will disagree with the proposition that when "evidence disagrees with the predominant theory," then the media— erm, people— won't talk about it.  Were it not the case, we wouldn't have anything close to our current government.

Mooch’s cause celebre

  STFU Michelle               


Authorized Rant

 Let’s Move – the latest hypocrisy from the King and Queen of DoubleStandard Rule-by-Fiat-and-Innuendo.  Mooch’s cause celebre to reverse the trend of obesity and diabetes in kids within one generation so that babies being born during the last 3 years of her husband’s term can become adults who can actually see their own shoes and don’t have to listen to their arteries hardening while playing their mind-pablum video games.
 She’s announced an ambitious strategy involving celebrities, government, and private organizations to get kids to become more physically active, better nourished, off their butts, and slender.
 She’s building something called the “Partnership for a Healthier America” to analyze and work on the causes of childhood obesity with advertising, school curricula, athletics, food labels, and public service announcements designed to show children what foods are good for them and which ones aren’t.  (Uh . . . Duh!  Isn’t that the parents’ job?)
One of the tactics is to move food-package nutrition labels to the front instead of the side or back and make the fonts larger.  Cups used at soft-drink fountain machines would announce calorie content per container, as would canned and bottled drinks.
 Well, Bullshit!  I can show her how to reduce the waistlines of American kids in one generation:  just have HRH Obobo sign an EO making all mass media advertisement of foods illegal and subject to heavy fines.
 I mean, good grief!  Is there a single person alive in the US today who doesn’t know where the nearest MacDonald’s or BK or Taco Bell or KFC or bodega or vending machine is located?   Anyone who has a computer or a smart fone or a TV or who rides a bus or who picks up a magazine is constantly bombarded by advertisements for burgers, fries, pizzas, colas, sugar-coated cereals, pastries, tacos, burritos, steaks, hot dogs, chips, dips, and all manner of crunchy, salty, sweet, or fat snack items.  Seems pretty obvious to me that we’ve all got the freakin message.
And it’s always beautiful people, in-crowd people, slender people, fun people eating those burgers, those fries, those donuts, those chimichangas; it’s never a fat kid or some porker wearing stretch pants that she’s grown completely out of or some waddling 5-foot nothin nebbish with zits and love handles.  It’s non-stop power of suggestion.  Take away the print ads, the pop-ups, the billboards, the TV commercials for fast food and non-nutritional breakfast items like sugar-coated fluff and deep-fried cholesterol and kids will stop packin on the padding in just a few months.
 And take their goddam electronic games away from ‘em and let ‘em play in the creeks, the vacant lots, the woods, the parks, even the back yard . . . let ‘em get muddy, and scratched up, and knocked on their butts and actually lose a game now and then to get a taste of reality and they might try a little harder next time . . . maybe even PRACTICE so they can get better at it.
 And flunk a few of ‘em who don’t do their work in school, let ‘em repeat a grade; make getting a driver’s permit contingent on being in school with at least a C average; tell ‘em they’re definitely NOT o.k. when they turn in a paper late or don’t do homework or get half the questions wrong on a test.  Tell ‘em their delicate little fe-e-e-e-lings are the least of our friggin worries about their welfare.
 Of course doing all this would require first getting rid of the teachers’ unions and watching a few kids die from accidents rather than diabetes, but if the interminable and relentless encouragement to eat all the wrong stuff were stopped and schools were re-geared to prepare kids for real skills in the real world, we’d wind up with fewer Fat Alberts and more Li’l Rascals.  We’d see kids going to doctors for busted arms and banged-up heads instead of insulin prescription readjustments and ADHD medications.  There’d be more bandages and slings than needles and tablets.
 If it has really become necessary for gubmint to get involved in minimizing the obesity factor of health care, then goddamit let’s do it right and eliminate the siren call of salt, fat, and sugar from fast-food greasy spoons, cholesterol oases, and fructose emporiums.  If Their Royal Highnesses can rule by fiat without the advice, consent, and approval of Congress, then let’s call up flank speed on this attack and damn the burritos.  Incidentally, if you asked me how she really feels about the future of American children, especially the non-African ones, I'd say this pretty much sums it up:
 And while they’re at it, TRH might get rid of that goddam Geico menagerie, Fred fucking Thompson’s reverse mortgage spots, and Flo
Ron Metzger

Then Something Amazing Happens ...

True Life Adventures
She ate the whole thing
Leopard Seal

Archer, Mentalist, White Collar


 Television Series

It's very hard to live productive lives when we spend 6 hours a day in a White Collar sensory deprivation tank. And 2 to 3 more hours with the Mentalist.  And (me alone) at least one hour with Archer and that's nearly a day spent with no reference to what's happening in the world. 

By the By, IMDB trivia for WhiteCollar: Season 4, Episode 1 Wanted (10 Jul. 2012)

I just submitted the following correction:

Mozzie's (Willie Garson's) chosen alias in this episode is "Barry Soetoro," which is a play on Barack Obama. When Obama was a preteen and teen, he preferred the nickname of Barry (instead of his given name of Barack, which exposed him to bullying), and his stepfather, his mother's second husband, was named Lolo Soetoro. After Lolo legally adopted him, Barry Soetoro became Obama's legal name (and he maintains Indonesian citizenship). A wink of an alias for Mozzie.

Con man Mozzie is the real star of White Collar in our opinion.  Somewhere midstream the series took on distinct undertones of Mission Impossible.  Great fun; great excitement.

If you're going to watch just one Archer (on Netflix), make it this oneHeart of Darkness II.  Caution, this FX series contains strong sexual content (but no full  frontal toon nudity or penetration), and filthy langauge.  How is this shown on televison?  Yes, I know.  But, it's funny as hell. Adults only.

Mother Superior has been watching The Mentalist (CBS) for months, and got me hooked in January.  As near as I can tell, nobody is streaming this series (for free, anyway); so we get by watching the 3-4 rerun episodes a week (from TNT I think),  and Sunday night's new episode.  Will you like it?  If you like Sherlock Holmes, I would think, yes.  Great fun, and excitement.

It's so big!

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