Friday, May 02, 2014

Mystery Viet Nam Memorial

Somewhere in Colorado
Once the site opens, it takes a few seconds for the video to automatically start. This is from some dirt bikers along the continental divide near Gunnison, Colorado, where I'm not sure, who stumble upon a Vietnam memorial in the woods. Whoever did it, put a lot of money into it. Spooky, to say the least.

Interesting, I never was aware of it's existence. Who ever caused it to be there is a true patriot. As usual the government is non committal at best over it.....some vets must be aware of it as I saw numerous 7.62x51 and 30.06 rounds on one of the ledges between the stones.
 Hope you can open this and view it at full screen quite interesting to say the least as to the location and how  did it get there. My Vietnamese is very rusty, not to say it was very good to start with.
(This is what is referenced in the note.) Google Map Loc
 Aside:  I lost who sent this, but it was prefaced with something like "I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw this."   Me too. 

origins and exploitation of rage, separatism and victimology;

Oh My

Subject: PLEASE read this and WATCH THE VIDEO! (and Fwd!)

Bill Whittle explains:

How Marxism was divorced from economics and married to the culture; How "Critical Theory" came about; The real agenda behind "political correctness"; The origins and exploitation of rage, separatism and victimology;

All this and more in 13 minutes of video!

I implore you to watch the video and to spread it around!

By the way, I found this PJMedia piece and the video through a link from the Comments page of Jack Cashill's article in today's American Thinker:

''Alexandra Pelosi’s HBO documentary Fall to Grace tracks the evolution of New Jersey’s disgraced, self-dubbed “gay-American,” former governor, Jim McGreevey. In one passing scene, McGreevey enters a church ostensibly more welcoming than the judgmental Catholic Church of his childhood. The message board on the church front reads -- and this is a close paraphrase -- “Lord help us overcome the sins of racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia.”

Had the message board been bigger, the good pastor might have added nativism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia. In a postmodern world that prides itself on “non-judgmentalism,” these have emerged as the seven new deadly sins, and God help the man, woman, or child who commits one.

Unlike the Catholic Church McGreevey abandoned, his newfound Neo-Puritanism is unforgiving. It shows sinners little mercy and offers them no path to absolution. Indeed, like Hawthorne’s Hester Prynne, the sinner is publicly branded with her sin.''

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Oh My

My 2T hard drive with all mm backup data has seemingly crashed, and with it all my dreams for a wonderful world. I am chopping wood, whistling Dixie, and pissing in the wind until this dark cloud passes.