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Clarkson in charge


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Clarkson in Charge

I joke often about how, if I were in power, I’d employ police marksmen to sit on motorway bridges picking off people who drive too slowly… I can think of many people who could and should be removed from the scene in such a way that no one can really explain what happened. George Monbiot. Ken Livingstone. Various hardline Muslim fanatics. Most human rights lawyers. Anyone with a rally jacket. People in Babyshambles. People with beards. Anyone with a sign on their desk that says “You don’t have to be mad to work here”, anyone in a jungle in Australia, anyone who claps along to the oompah music at the Horse of the Year Show, and everyone at the Ideal Home exhibition.


There was one girl we called Butterface. This is because she was ravishingly beautiful in every single respect … but her face, which was that of an eroded gargoyle. Then there was a boy who, because he hadn’t started shaving at the age of 14, was referred to always in the third person as “she”.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this simply wouldn’t be allowed any more. Calling a boy “she” would be an infringement of his human rights and the school would undoubtedly be demoted to the Gola League. The headmaster might even be branded a paedophile and banned from the sports pitches.

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We live, They hatin'

                                                                         STFU Michelle

In response to the American Thinker piece  I sent out today ("Michelle Obama's racially skewed version of history" by Selwyn Duke), my friend offers this:

I'm shocked... just shocked that after so many years of fighting racism in America we're not even close to equality. Tom Scocca, managing editor of Deadspin and the author of "Beijing Welcomes You: Unveiling the Capital City of the Future", reports, "Eighty-Eight Percent of Romney Voters Were White.

The GOP candidate's race-based, monochromatic campaign made him a loser." Eighty-eight percent! Sounds terrible! Using Mr. Scocca's voter demographics, we can see that Romney's share of the White vote was 61% while Obama's share was only 39%. Only 39%! That's so unfair of Whites that it doesn't come closer to 50/50 equality.

If some take offense at this, they can pound sand. I take offense at the constant derision aimed at my civilization by critics who should get down on their knees, kiss the ground trod by our ancestors and thank God for our civilization’s existence. Where else could effete ne’er do wells complain about injustice while living a life of silk, satin and Sidwell Friends and dining on Kobe beef? (Amer Thinker)
Again using Mr. Scocca's voter demographics we see that Black voters were split 93/7% in favor of Obama. Now we can begin to see how racism continues to be so prevalent in America. How else can we explain why 7% of Blacks remain so brainwashed to vote for a White man?

Wait just a minute. Maybe Romney wasn't so wrong in pursuing a race-based, monochromatic campaign. Afterall, Obama's race-based, monochromatic campaign put him in the White House.

So, both men used a race-based, monochromatic campaign. Why was Obama successful and Romney not? Mr. Scocca's voter demographics show two possibilities. White voters are not racist enough or Black voters are too racist. Should we pursue the obvious or insist on the Progressive myth?

Thank you, Mr. Scocca. Now we see that Obama's race-based, monochromatic
campaign made the Progressive candidate a winner. Is it time to speak up and
demand "vote equality? Will we see a re-education campaign with a goal of
reducing Black on White discrimination?

We will see M. Obama wildly waving the American flag before that happens.

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