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Send in the Clowns

Luncheon Serenade

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Clinton Culture                   

Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our First Lady -- a woman of undoubted talents who was a role model for many in her generation -- is a congenital liar. -

Blizzard of Lies, By WILLIAM SAFIRE, Published: January 8, 1996
She accused Israel of engaging in "unilateral statements and actions" that had undermined the peace process and she laid blame for humanitarian problems in Gaza on Israel, rather than the terrorist group Hamas that controls the territory and uses it to launch attacks on Israel. She even claimed that the lack of progress in the peace process — Israel's fault, naturally — was strengthening Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. She offered no criticism of the Palestinians.

    Clinton today is attempting to recast herself as a more sensitive and evenhanded figure on these matters. She would have us believe that her role in the administration's campaign of criticism, pressure, and crisis-creation against Israel was one of reluctant participant, a loyal official carrying out her duties despite having tried to dissuade the president from a mistaken policy.

    It is very difficult, looking at her record during this period, to conclude that the presentation of her role in her book is accurate. There is a simple and likely explanation for this revisionist history: She knows that her prominent role in the past five years of acrimony between the Obama administration and Israel is unhelpful to her presidential ambitions, and so she is attempting to distance herself from the administration's record by downgrading her involvement in its Israel policy. There is too much evidence to the contrary for her to get away with it.   

Hillary Rewrites Her History on Israel
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I couldn't resist reminding y'all that William Safire, in his New York Times column, called Hillary a "congenital liar" in 1996!  She's had eighteen years to burnish that reputation and has not been a slacker about it.   She's a massive liar even by Democrat standards.  Adults who are liars are like pedophiles; they can't stop.  Only Barrack Obama keeps her from being the lone holder of the title "Worst American — or American poseur—in  History." Well, there is Ted Kennedy of course.  Her continued political dynamism is just mind boggling.  She is a media creation of course, but you'd think they'd finally be too embarrassed to continue fawning over this woman who is the very embodiment of the disapprobatory C word, ( | ). And filthy on top of that.

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Oh My

White House Knew *cough*

This is a very compelling interview from Special Report tonight where the pilot of a C-17 who was stationed in Germany tells that he could have gotten to Benghazi in 3-4 hours if he had been called upon to get in the air.

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The pilot, Eric Stahl, who is a retired Major from the Air Force, tells what he knows from talking to the men on the ground that he flew out of Benghazi on Sept 12, 2012, men he calls heroes, a day after the Benghazi terrorist attack.

Among the most relevatory things we learn is that the terrorists were using stolen State Dept. cellphones from the consulate to call their higher ups after the consulate battle, and the US intercepted this in real time as it was happening. They not only knew they were terrorists, but they knew exactly who they were.


A MUST WATCH: (This is the current video which will not play, so I inserted an earlier video that said the much the same thing. They lied.

Obama FAIL

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I hope he doesn't fall doen an elevtor shaft
I hope he doesn't fall doen an elevtor shaft
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There's volcanoes, elevator shafts, outhouses, dry wells, caves, acid vats ......

A nice 4 banger


One 20 gauge, two 8x57 Mauser, and one 25 ACP?  Was unable to identify this beauty -  maybe you  can

IDAHO Arrested


You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

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