Wednesday, June 25, 2014


\Run Amok

Girl pays the price for lying about her period ?

Two Trees

The auto-rotate drill in rotary wing flight training is where the instructor turns the engine off without warning.  The student pilot will then turn into the wind, which effect will keep the rotor blades turning while a safe descent and landing can be made.  So, my instructor at Army flight school, Fort Walters, Mineral Wells TX, cut my engine for the first time ever.  Snap! I turned into the wind; observed a landscape that consisted of level ground, with no obstructions other than some scrub. 


Except for two trees, the middle of which I targeted.  When we were close enough that the instructor was convinced of my intention, he grabbed the cyclic, powered up, and took us back to the staging field.  His critique went something like;"What in all hell were you thinking?  An open stage and you decide to land betwixt two trees that offer scant clearance?"

Hey, I like adventure.  So my continuing computer problems are explained.  That I'm flying a piece of crap Microsoft computer only exacerbates inherent Windows problems.  I am the enemy of myself in all these, Lo, many blackouts over the years.  Not Linux's fault.  I love Linux.