Saturday, June 28, 2014

Today's Best Ever

I am reduced to blogging with iPad. I'm sure that after several years one might get used to the bizarrely  structured key pad, but you don't have to.  I would pay the original $69, or whatever if  I had to.   You're welcome.

So, was I right?

Note to e-C

Archer Season 4, episode 

FitBit Flex on a bike

Nobody knows how, but I get bike credit on Fitbit Flex.  Just did a circuit that is 1255 steps walking, and got 452 steps credit.  Yes, only a third of step credit, but much more vigerous exersize (very hilly).  Know what Mo Sup gets credit for on her bike,on the same course?  30 steps (walking to the bike and back).
Oh My

Flashman at the Keyboard

Oh My

Anyone gone to Windows 8 that wants to sell their Win 7 disks?  I finally got this new disk to load XP, but after saying "Starting Windows" I got a "Widows is shutting down to stop damage to your computer."  I have to figure that this because XP disk was a 32 bit deal and my computer is 64 bit?