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Keep your Plantation money

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The easy life WTF?

  Like a Ton of Bricks

I Just Realized Something:

  • My dog sleeps about 20 hours a day.
  • He has his food prepared for him.
  • His meals are provided at no cost to him.
  • He visits the Dr. once a year for his checkup and again during the year, if any medical needs arise.

For this he pays nothing, and nothing is required of him.

  • He lives in a nice neighborhood in a house that is much larger than he needs, but he is not required to do any upkeep.
  • If he makes a mess, someone else cleans it up.
  • He has his choice of luxurious places to sleep.
  • He receives these accommodations absolutely free.
  • He is living like a king and has absolutely no expenses whatsoever.
  • All of his costs are picked up by others who earn a living.
I was thinking about all this, and suddenly it hit me like a ton of bricks ~

MY dog is a damn DEMOCRAT!!

Tom "the villiage" Smith

When John Bolton Speaks ...

Hide'm or Lose'm


Tommy Lee Smith             


  A Bridge Too Far?


So, Jimmy Carter calls for Hamas to be recognized. Mind-boggling, until you realize that what follows is a Hamas Embassy in D.C. (paid for with American aid, of course) and an American Embassy in Gaza.

Hamas can then not only hide their rockets but fire them from the buildings surrounding the American Embassy. The clowns at Obama's State Department can then complain that dust from Israel's shelling of those buildings makes it hard to keep their limousines nice and shiny.

Of course, Hamas would then become part of the United Nations Human Rights Commission. The good folks in the Commission could then say "I feel your pain" to Hamas in person. Hamas officials could park anywhere in NYC at no charge. I'm sure the Commission would do its best to make them feel at home.

This sure sounds like a plan Pelosi can embrace... being "fair" to Hamas (with Qatar as her biggest cheerleader) at the expense of Israel.

Why is Jimmy Carter doing this? Is he that afraid that Barack Obama will take his place as America's worst president? I guess now we can have Obama as America's weakest president and Carter as America's craziest president.

Cheers, (via Skoonj)

That missive reminds me of yesterday's "Stars Face Hollywood Backlash in War of Words Over Israel.
“But for the most part, Hollywood's power brokers -- including those who have raised money for pro-Israel causes, such as Barbra Streisand, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg -- have avoided public comments on the conflict. Nor has there been criticism of other industry figures, including Jon Stewart, director Jonathan Demme and Mark Ruffalo, who have voiced nuanced concerns about Israel's military action in Gaza while supporting the nation in general. "I don't know why more prominent Hollywood people don't speak out about what's going on there," Stern said on his radio show July 28. "They're all afraid." Hollywood political donor Haim Saban, one of the industry's biggest Israel supporters, echoed those sentiments. "I don't understand this myself," Saban told the Jewish Journal on Aug. 1. "But starting today, I will be working the phones to enlist the vocal support of people who I know have an interest in supporting our staunchest ally in the region -- which also happens to be the only democracy in the region."
These gaggle of monied and influential Jews are largely responsible for bankrolling the Carter, Clinton, and Obama presidencies (and today's Democrat party!).  Presidents and a party who were and are openly (if you have eyes) hostile to Israel.  Carter and Obama are outright Jew haters; Bill and Hillary* more nuanced, but still have always sided away from Israeli goals.  In the meanwhile, Ronald Reagan and Bush 43 were the best friend Israel have had, but were vilified by this lot. 

And for chrissake, who stands to lose the most with the ascendancy of Islamic influence worldwide?  That's right; Jews and Gays.  Both so blinded by a misguided sense of liberalism, or a giddy celebration of acceptance that the left are able to play them like a banjo, same as  they do all  on the Liberal plantation.  The thing is, we all suffer as a consequence of this foolishness.  The question, I fear,  is Obama  already a bridge too far.
*Dick Morris claimed that Hillary called him a "f---ing Jew b------" after Bill Clinton lost his race for Congress 26 years ago.  Morris  passed a lie-detector test arranged by the New York Post.

Stuff Hitler and Stalin were famous for

Can Christ Not Spare One Man?


I like Ann Coulter. There is no “but” after that. I like Ann Coulter, period. There are many people reacting with hostility and anger toward her over her latest column about the doctors in Atlanta who are infected with Ebola.

In her column, Ann asks, “What was the point?” She goes on to write

Your country is like your family. We’re supposed to take care of our own first. The same Bible that commands us to “go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel” also says: “For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, ‘You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.’”

Right there in Texas, near where Dr. Brantly left his wife and children to fly to Liberia and get Ebola, is one of the poorest counties in the nation, Zavala County — where he wouldn’t have risked making his wife a widow and his children fatherless.

I am neither angry nor outraged by Ann Coulter’s column.

I have written several times that American Christians have a mission field in their own backyard that too many are ignoring. Too many Christians send their kids on church run beach trips to Mexico where they hammer nails for a few days while working on their tan. I think Protestants should be pouring money into building church run schools that the poor can go to for free or at great discounts, emulating the Catholic Church. I think Christians should take up the cross in inner cities where too many liberal Christians preach a body nourishing social gospel that never feeds their soul.

I also think had St. Thomas stayed in Jerusalem instead of journeying to India, many Indians would have never found salvation through Christ. Had Paul stayed in Tarsus instead of going on his missionary journeys, we would not have his contribution to the body of faith or the churches he planted along the way.

I also think that American Christians can do more than just domestic missions. It should not be a binary decision. We should emulate the apostles who went into all the world to share the gospel instead of only focusing on our own.

Christianity has been a stabilizing influence around the world. Had Christian missionaries stayed in their home countries, the world would be worse off. Is the faith so small that Christ cannot spare one doctor to Liberia?

Should Jim Elliott have never gone into the jungle? He was savagely killed there. His death inspired countless Christians to follow in his footsteps delivering the gospel to places it had not been delivered.

Not every Christian survives. Many are martyred. We, as Christians, (Red State cont)

"I have no reservations or caveats in liking Ann Coulter. She is a warm, kind, and generous person. I know this from my own experience. I must, however, disagree with her in this."  Erick Erickson

Me too.
I also subscribe to this Tocqueville observation about the guard rails religious faith provides to society as a whole.

Americans, however, derive their obligations not from government mandate but from religious morality and social pressure. There are innumerable religious sects in America, but “all sects preach the same moral law in the name of God.” Moreover, religion balances entrepreneurial striving: the latter teaches how to better yourself, for your own good, while the former teaches obligations to others, for the good of the community. Therefore, quite apart from its theological function, Tocqueville writes that for Americans religion “must be regarded as the first of their political institutions.”